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Micro-Blog: Interview Transcripts

The Video Game video interview is great...except when they ages-out of circulation and becomes lost...then it is a tragedy.

If there is one thing that I think video game media/journalism is getting wrong today it is that they do not transcript video interviews. While this might be a hassle in some cases, I think there is a real need to have video transcribed, especially when gaming luminaries are talking about the craft of game making. So much is locked behind video that would be useful for research or would be retrievable if it were in text. Instead of thinking “Gee, I seem to remember Sam Thompson, Producer for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune discussed the role of pulp fiction and 1930s adventure serials four years ago…but I cannot remember where.” Wouldn’t it be better if you could type “Sam Thompson” AND “Pulp fiction” into a browser to find the transcript?

This occurs to me mostly now because the President of Irrational Games, Ken Levine is speaking with about fifteen different game sites and magazines about games and Irrational’s BioShock Infinite. In a few months those videos will be hidden in the confines of various websites, there will be dozens of them and all of the information contained within the interviews will be lost unless you find all the videos and watch them again. This is just not a logical system! A simple transcript or even just and index of topics in the container story around eh video would be helpful, but most sites doesn’t do that.

The industry keeps saying video games matter, but we are doing a terrible job documenting video game history. There are some simple task that all sites could be doing to make game research in the present/future more easily accomplished, but I think the biggest issues is transcripts of videos and audio interviews. There is so much rich history that could be lost because that video game industry itself seems to not understand how audio and video can be best preserved and used.
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