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One for the wrestling fans out there

I've always been a fan of WWE's 'Smackdown' series of video games but couldn't help but feel last years offering, Smackdown vs Raw 2011 was an exceptionally weak offering. So much so that I stopped playing it after only a few games. But my...


UFC Undisputed Video

Mixed martial arts promotor UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) seems to be gaining momemtum all the time. I've been a fan for years, but the sport as a whole seems to be sneaking into mainstream sports circles. THQ, who have been resp...


Allow me to recommend this: 'The King of Kong'

After a decent weekend, I always like to end it off with a film on Sunday night, so I was reading this month’s issue of Empire magazine and I saw an interesting looking film reviewed in the DVD section going by the name of ‘The King of ...


What I found in my garage: VOLUME 2

After recently finding some old Mario figures in an old toy-filled shoebox in the garage, Ive made it my mission to search every corner of the house to find as much worthless 90s gaming memorabilia as possible. I found a large stash of gam...


RROD: My Story

So, on Tuesday I got what every 360 owner fears, the Red Ring of Death. I sort of feel a bit relieved I have it. My 360 have been mysteriously buzzing, humming and getting stupidly hot on a regular basis now, so I knew it was bound to happe...


Old/rare Sonic and Mario Toys

When I was searching in the spare room I decided to root through some old boxes. I found an old toy box, full of Mini Boglins and similar small figure collections, which brought back a lot of memories. After a lot of digging I found some Ma...


Martial arts legend in GTA4

I, as I'm sure most sane 360 and PS3 owners are right now, am currently enjoying playing Grand Theft Auto 4 immensely. So what better game to base my first post on? As well as a fan of video games, I'm also a fan of combat sports, and was ...


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Moltar is an animated fictional character from the 1966 Hanna-Barbera animated series Space Ghost and Dino Boy who appears as one of Space Ghost's arch enemies. He is a "lava man" wearing a containment suit with metal plating. His name was coined by the chief animator for Hanna-Barbera, and is actually the surname of a family who were the animator's neighbors, and whose precocious four year old daughter was a constant fixture in his home. He is from the planet Moltor, and is known as "the lord of the mighty ovens that can incinerate any and all foes."

After his capture by Space Ghost and subsequent employment in Space Ghost Coast to Coast, he is given the job of director and producer