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About ModernTenshi04one of us since 12:59 PM on 11.05.2009

Who I am is probably a fairly boring thing to ask. I'm a gamer, like you, and I work in the IT field, which is probably not a surprise to you. Specifically I'm a web developer. I make apps that run on websites, but not websites themselves. Thursdays I moonlight as a projectionist for my local movie theater, building the new movies that come in, tearing down the ones we're getting rid of, and shuffling them around for the coming week. The only reason I keep the job is to see movies for free, and to use the money I earn there for comic books. I'm also into comic books, mostly DC, but I'm considering adding some select titles from Marvel. When I'm not gaming or watching movies, I'm probably watching TV, reading comic books, or hanging with friends doing whatever.

Basically, I'm a lot like you.