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Spiritfarer is a game where you play as a girl named Stella along with your cat daffodil after you were chosen to be the next Spiritfarer. A spiritfarer is someone who takes care of dying spirits until it is their time to move on.

This game takes place mainly on a boat where you can build houses, kitchens, farms, sawmills, and more. You have to keep your passengers fed and happy. You can upgrade your ship to make it bigger and you are able to stack buildings and explore different islands and cities.

In this game you build, farm, collect, cook, buy, sell, travel, and meet new spirits to care for and connect with.

The Art style of the game is incredable and looks peaceful, it's like if Adventure Time and Steven Universe had a kid. The art alone makes the game worth playing.

One of the things that was a little unfortunate is there is a lot of text to read through during the tutorial parts of the game. Even if you're a fast reader it's going to take you forever to read through the first 20 paragraphs of the game. The materials are also hard to come by at the start of the game as well.

Other thatn those two petty things, I really enjoyed this game. And reccomend it. It's good on Switch as a game to play for a few minutes at a time to make time go by.

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