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Re: Selwyn Froggit

I was thinking, if you wouldn't mind, about deviating from the wonderful world of gaming to tell you a story about something more close to home. Or close to my place of study at least. Those of you who recognize the name "Selwyn Froggit" ...


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Hello. My name is Mitch.

Thankyou for welcoming me, you all seem like delightful people. Especially your leader, Neiro, he has a head like a robot, and I think that is pretty cool/badass. I come here, much to my chagrin, at the request of one 'Picklemick' a person I respect almost as much as I think he is hilarious. Turn away now if you have a weak stomach for shameless cross-promotion: You should check out his blog, it kicks ass. To be honest, I don't think the happenings in my life warrant a blog, but never-the-less he suggested I make one.

With that out of the way, let me introduce myself.

I'm 16, left school in grade 11 because I'm pretty hardcore, and i fit into so many subcultures it often makes my head hurt. I go to College, and i study Fitness and Exercise Science. I've played team sports, been in theater productions, been outside a fair bit, and at one time or another hung out with people considered to be 'cool'. All of these things seem to bypass the normal demographic that frequents sites such as these, but what i have left out is that i am in fact, first and foremost, a nerd. It feels good to admit it, because I've drifted between a few categories for so long I forgot exactly what i cared about. It feels good to say to a bunch of fringed 'scene-kids' who actually enjoy Grey's Anatomy for the 'Witty Dialogue', "Yes. I just downloaded the original Transformers Series from the 1980's and yes I love every second of it. Yes I downloaded the soundtrack featuring Stan Bush's synth classic "You've Got the Touch!", and may or may not have purchased a T-Shirt featuring Optimus Prime blowing the fuck out of some Decepticons". Obviously, they avoid me now, but God i feel liberated. I have alot of catching up to do in the nerd stakes, but I'm making good progress.

I love old-school console games, thinking back to those halcyon days of the SEGA Mega-Drive, N64 and the PS1 sends shivers up my spine. I love these things enough to mention them: Mario Kart 64, Pokemon (Series 1) and pretty much any gaming derivative, music containing heavy levels of synthesizer, Drangonball and Dragonball Z, The Beatles, Eating breakfast at about 2 in the afternoon and a radio program called Get This which was axed at the end of 2007. That's all from me, enjoy your stay.