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Child of the 90s: An Intro (RIP)


It has been brought to my attention after many hours of listening to RetroforceGo! and reminiscing of the past that my gaming history, my childhood, does not in fact coincide with that of what we call "retro". My deepest and fondest video game memories as a child were not of Megaman but of Pokemon. I can't remember the Atari 2600 but I remember when my dad brought home a Sega Genesis. I don't find the label of retro unfair; it's just simply that the 90s really weren't that long ago, or so it seems.

We are of the generation after the great golden years of gaming. We accepted polygons into our lives more readily than the ones before us because it was all that we knew and we were young. We remember when Soul Caliber was called Soul Blade and handhelds had two buttons, a d-pad, and no backlight. Wireless was new to controllers and we went through a shit load of batteries (chargers were a thing of the future!). We saved our allowances for strategy guides because the internet took forever on dial-up.

RIP Pokemon Silver Version. You were the one I spent the most time with (other than Blue).

Today I turned on a GameBoy Color game and saw that the year on it was nearly a decade ago. I turned it on, and my save was gone. Over a hundred hours of my childhood was gone without me knowing of it. I merely turned it on so that I could remember it, something that my memory had failed to do, but it was in vain, as the hardware was as faulty as my mind. Time passes, memories fade, batteries die.

So, if you will allow me, I would like to reminisce of a time that is precious to me and my generation.

Adjust your green and gray screens and make sure you stand in good lighting. Analog sticks are not required!

I hope to keep this going on a weekly basis. Hope being the keyword. As my memory is quite poor and I was quite young at the time (retro goggles made me think that Gex was the funniest thing ever), I will be hopefully backtracking on older games but not to review them by today's standards, but more to just examine a time that was mine, as well as many others that are just hitting the age of 20 or so. The times have changed and it's pointless to dock the first Tomb Raider because of the atrocious graphics. There will be no scores or ratings. Just a shrine to the times were it was cool to wear chunky jewelry and neon colors and you could turn the radio on and hear the Goo Goo Dolls.
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