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oh o.o

i didnt know this was a blogging community! that kinda rocks C:
maybe ill just start updating this one instead of my blog spot.. meh

we will see what happens! :D
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About Miss Trombonistone of us since 3:05 PM on 11.18.2011

My name is Kayla. I love video games and being a complete nerd.
I also draw, play trombone, and love dubstep.

my favorite video games of all time would have to be spyro year of the dragon and Heart of Darkness. i <3 them
gotta love the classics!!!!!
i also have a blog.

its not the greatest, but i do a little reviews on the games that i play. lol there not that great XD

i also play alot of team fortress 2, so if you ever wanna play with me, just add me on steam.
Xbox LIVE:Miss Trombonist
PSN ID:Miss Trombonist
Steam ID:Miss Trombonist
3DS Code:3566-1795-4229


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