Gamnesia: Three Minutes to Midnight was E3's hidden gem

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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Minus

Hello everyone. I'm sure some of you are aware it's almost time for "teh christmases" again and hopefully you've taken the time out of your busy lives to go out and get something neat-o for someone you love or well..hate. Anyway if you'r...


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Dear Destructoid,

Most people call me Pete. I live in Texas where it is always effing hot. I've never seen real snow and I really don't plan on seeing any until I'm retired/dying in Alaska. No matter how much you bother me or don't, I will never want to see you beat a high score, pwn sum nubz!, or do anything that may come of bodily harm to you. Even if it will make me laugh.

As it turns out, I'm actually very fond of video games and technology in general as they've been helping me grow up now for pretty much forever.

I like cake btw.

Name: Pete
Place: San Antonio, TX
Occupation Wal Mart Associate

Game: Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360)
Movie: The Hurt Locker
TV: 30 Rock Season 3