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Destructoid... why all the hate?

You know I noticed a pattern from people's replies throughout the Destructoid articles that I'm a little curious about. Whenever I see a new article posted about PSP,PS3, PS3 games, or multi-system games; there is an overwhelming amount of hate posted. Things like what stereotypical fanboys would say like, "PS3 IS THE SUCKS, 360 FTW!!!" to more subtle like, "If Sony would care about fixing (post Sony fault here) then they might be selling more." Granted Sony is going through some hard times and bad publicity, but the sheer volume of hate is startling. It almost seems that everyone on the internet is against Sony and even when Sony does have good news come out, everyone which even includes the Destructoid staff belittle it. Its as if the hate for everything that is Sony has reached every corner of the internet. Fanboys of the 360 and the Wii have joined together to face off against their Sony nemesis. Amid all this incredible hate one has to wonder why there is so much loathing for any system that starts with a P. I, like any rational person, can see facts and can acknowledge faults and high points in given information. For example I can acknowledge that the PSP doesn't have many games that are that interesting so I have kept myself from buying one. But the latest mood of Destructoid seems to be in the direction of hating everything that comes from anything PS related. So I always wondered why there is such a large movement.

So my question is this, "Why do you guys hate the PS3 so much? Is there a specific reason that you look for any fault you can find or is that just your natural reaction? Would there be any way to change your opinions or are you dead set on what you believe?"

Oh and before anyone says something like, "HE OBVIOUSLY SONY FANBOYZ!!", I will admit that I own all systems before this new gen and my first next-gen system that I own is a PS3. My roommate owns a Wii and I play it quite often. So I guess that can try to prove some kind of internet cred for me to have as a non-fanboy I guess.
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