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Super Saiyan Mega Evolution

[img=500x800] When it was first announced that Pokemon X and Y would feature "Mega Evolutions," I was very skeptical. This seemed like something straig...


The Sentimental Gamer: Things Will Never Be the Same

[img=500x100] Over the past few years Iíve slowly and begrudgingly come to a depressing realization, I just donít enjoy video games as much as I use to. I stil...


About Milesonone of us since 1:29 PM on 08.26.2013

Sock it to me ya'll!

Sup? My name is Miles. I've been playing videogames for probably way too long and I probably won't be stopping anytime soon. I'm a passionate dude who loves being a part of a solid team. I'm an avid Bro-Box player, but I pretty much own every system there is.

I have a death metal band called A City Screams in Terror and I run and manage the gaming site/web comic, What's Your Tag? You can check out my other shenanigans at