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What happens if Assassin's Creed runs out of settings?


I love Assassin's Creed. Being able to run along the rooftops and walk around in hooded robes through historical times is a lot of fun and I really couldn't tell you how many hours I have put in to the series. It's a lot though, I can tell you that for sure. It's a series that really helped me to make new friends, even with people who i never thought I would be friends with whether in person and online and honestly I have had some really fond memories about playing the series. So you can probably tell that the series is really important to me and even the series has had it's great moments and downfalls, it's still a series I go back to. Even when I complain the series not being as great as it used to be, it's only beccause I want the series to succeed and it is really awesome to see the series develop so quickly even if they are difficult to keep up with on a yearly basis. However with the series releasing like hot cakes and every game being set during a new setting, eventually the franchise may simply run out of settings in terms of the historical aspect. Now of course, I don't necessarily mean that they will use every setting in existence but most of the wanted and most exciting settings will probably already have been used and so it makes me wonder what could happen next. Well here's a few ways the series could go. 

Re-Visit a setting

The best and easiest option in my opinion would simply to re-visit an era, mostly because there is just so much potential for so many of the settings even ones like the Italian Renassiance which we always seemed to hear about almost every day. There was a time when Assassin's Creed had a lot of focus on the Italian era and it sometimes it felt like series was never going to move on to another setting. Whenever I would talk to my close friends about the series, we would often talk about how the series really just needs to move on from Italy and Ezio and despite really enjoying the era, eventually the frachise would have to move on to another setting. I mean the aspect of new settings was something that was incorporated in to the series and was pretty much it's formula. Bearing in mind that we only really had two major settings at the time which were the Third Crusade and Italian Renaissance and it really felt like having multiple games in one setting was just getting a bit too much. However things have changed since then and it's almost like every game features a new setting and it's really difficult to keep up with sometimes and even the characters don't really get a whole lot of focus and attention like the used to. The gameplay and the style have also changed which isn't entirely a bad thing and actually could make re-visiting an exising era more fun. For example, the maps and gameplay have become much more detailed with less loading times between areas and an RPG system with levelling up and not to mention the realistic graphics.

In my personal opinion, if I wanted Assassin's Creed to re-visit a setting, I would hope for the Italian Renaissance because it would be amazing to see how much it would have changed with new elements of the most recent games added. Even if it had similar cities and areas, it would feel very different for sure because there would be better lighting, gameplay mechanics and plenty more sights to see and what I loved about Assassin's Creed 2 was that even the Italy is usually a warm place, sometimes the weather would appear foggy and perhaps on the verge of raining so maybe they could add even more weather elements. Perhaps even snow... hopefully. They could set a new game based on the Venetian Republic so that naval combat could be used to and would really add to the lore. I mean they could be searching for Pieces of Eden across the Meditterenean yet still having close ties to the Italian setting and the Auditore storyline. They wouldn't even have to feature Ezio as a main character, it could simply someone close to him like an Assassin apprentice or someone else entirely. 

Another reason why it wouldn't be such a bad thing to go back to some old material it would be nice to see the characters again because these days there isn't really much reason to be invested in a character anymore. With Altair and Ezio, the series seemed to be going somewhere and had a real connection to the modern day and had real purpose. There was always something mysterious about it and the Kenway Saga was pretty cool in that aspect too. However ever since then, most characters will never have more than one game and even if there is, it's simply a small section like a DLC. Actually most games have more than one playable character such AC Syndicate has both Jacob and Evie Frye. I admit that I actually don't have AC Syndicate even though one of the main characters has a top hat. However if they're never gonna continue the characters ever again, I just don't see much point in buying the game even if it's really cheap. Although say if they re-visited the setting, not only would I have reason to buy the new game but I would want to catch up on the old game by getting AC Syndicate and I really think others would too.  The problem is that many of Ubisoft's divisions don't really collaberate well because they are all making different games with different settings so there isn't really a direction. So even a popular character like Bayek probably wouldn't have gotten a new game straight away in the next year but hopefully that will change someday. 

However for some this route might seem a bit too easy and there are many other possibilites the series could go. Something which is brand new. 

A new theme

Another way of continuing the series would be to add something new to the franchise which imght seem fresh but also take a bit of a risk. Say for example, they could the series based on possible future events which would pretty much be the opposite of the the historical aspect. It could be based on another disastrous event of the world or even a more tech style game whilst still continuing the Assassins and Templars side of things such as having them fighting the First Civilization before surviving and enslaving the world. I know some of this might not be the Assassin's Creed style, at least not something used to but it might be really awesome as a one off and lets not forget that the AC series has changed a lot since the very first game. With AC Origins, not many people thought it would be possible to have a game with RPG elements in the open desert but it was possible. 

To be honest, I actually think a Space setting might actually be pretty cool because it would nice to see what they could do with the series and it doens't have to be a really big game, it could just be something like Far Cry: Blood Dragon. With Call of Duty, a futuristic setting didn't seem so bad at the time when it was new and a lot of people seemed keen on it but I think it's because there have been so many games with boost jumping that people have been turning away from the series. So if AC game set in Space was simply a single game, people might like it because it would be new and fresh and it would be really interesting to see what they could do. Especially with the inevitable Star Wars easter eggs that would be all over the game.  A lot of people don't really like the sound of Space but to be honest, having new historical settings other than the Thrid Crusade was a new aspect. I mean the series could have always have taken place during the Modern Day and Third Crusade but with AC2, they changed the setting. It's just the series has always had the historical aspect ingrained in the franchise and if AC2 was instead set in Space or something like, I think people would be a bit more open minded to Space. 

A new theme could also just be a new setting which is completely made up without necessarily harming the historical aspect. In particular, it could be based around one of the first few cities after the Solar flare disaster before AC Origins based on technology from the First Civilization. Considering AC Odyssey doesn't really feature Assassins, I really wouldn't be surprised if they did eventually started making new settings which don't really exist or even alternate history would be pretty exciting to see. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if they even had a World War 2 setting for a full game. Back when there multiple games for characters, I think people were worried that a World War 2 setting wouldn't be the best option as it might be too much of a risk especially with if there were games planned with the game setting. However these days, each game seems to just be a new setting so it could be a good thing to try it out and could even be the basis of a new series. It might even be more like an AC game than AC Odyssey. However like AC Odyssey, some of these games may simply be to much and be better off as it's own thing. 

A brand new franchise

Some of the games of the series seem to be pushing away from the previous games in terms of gameplay and sometimes it doesn't really feel like the AC series as we used to know it because sometimes even the storyline has really not much to do with the lore and modern day seems to just be really symbolic and thrown in for the sake of it. To be honest, I think some of the games might be better off with it's own thing. Say for example with AC4, it pretty much became the basis for a new franchise which is Skull and Bones because they could much create a brand new franchise out of the naval warfare and pirate theme as it was so popular and sometimes I see the see the same thing with the most recent games such as with AC Odyssey. I enjoy playing Assassin's Creed games and I love visiting Greece. Trust me, I go almost once a year and it's really an awesome place. However AC Odyssey, I just feel like it would be better off as it's own thing. Whether it be a series about the Greeks or simply just a new series with a historical aspect where each game takes place in a new setting... just without Assassins and Templars. It probably wouldn't be something a lot of people enjoy but they need new franchises just in case the AC franchise becomes stale and with series like Watch Dogs, I feel like that's what they're trying to do. 

The only problem is that the AC series is a really good brand name. I mean everyone knows what the series is, even people who have never even played the games before. So instead of there being a new franchise, there will probably simply be more games with the AC name. One of my favourite settings for a potential AC game would be the Vikings. I mean it would awesome to play as the Vikings.

However I just feel like it probably won't be close the AC lore as the previous games and simply have the AC name more for the sake of it. If it wasn't for this, I would rather just see it as a new series because I think having an AC name on the game just wouldn't feel right and hinder it's potential and to be honest, most of the games don't have really have the same fanbase as they used to. Most of the fans are probably new many of the new fans simply want a new setting for every game so maybe it would be better to have a new open world series where each new game is a new setting. That way, they could focus on the AC series having more of a direction like it used to have. 

A few remakes

I really would love to see a few remakes or at least a few more remasters. Over the past few years, I always wondered what it would be like to see an AC game remade from the ground up and no I am not talking about the recent remasters in which it's pretty much a re-release. Simply a game which might had so much to what the original version had such as gameplay mechanics and more things to do and see and this is coming from someone who isn't even a huge fan of remakes and remasters. Most remasters these days really don't change that much and often try to sell the same game at full price and even if it's really cheap, I honestly don't feel the need to buy one. Especially if most of the games in a series are mostly remasters and not many new games pushing the franchise further (coughs), Final Fantasy, (coughs) and I don't know whether it's worth buying those remasters. However if it's a game which is well over 10 years old or so much has changed since then, then I think there is definitely a reason to have a remake.

Take for example if they were to remake the very first AC game. So much has changed not just with the franchise but how video games are structured and feature too as many games have become much more detailed in terms of open worlds and many games have become much more cinematic not just with cutscenes but with the gameplay as a whole and sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm watching a movie sometimes. If they were to remake the first AC game, I think it would probably feature the same historical story but in a much different way so it might reveal more about Altair and his training would probably go in to a bit more depth about his relationships with other characters. In particular, we might see a bit more insight in to why Altair became so arrogant and how he became the person he was later on. Especially with how the Templars seemed to have an affect on him as they were much more complicated and weren't necessarily power hungry like those in AC2. A bit like the most recent games, at least with the Kenway Saga if not more and I think it would be really awesome to see how Altair would question the Assassin order a bit more as a result. 

Not to mention that most games these days have multiple characters to make the remake more exciting. I don't mean that multiple characters can always be the best thing as it might push away from the main character but for the Third Crusade it would really be perfect. It was really the beginning of the Assassins (as far as historians are concerned) and it would be so cool to play as multiple Assassins and Templars since I really think it would suit the remake well. 

There is also the matter of one of the most important things for the remake, the gameplay. When the first game was released, there was barely much you could really do in terms of places to explore and combat and AC2 really improved on that with lots of places to see and a whole array of deadly weapons to use. Since the open world has become much more expanded in multiple games as well and open world games are really the hype at the moment, it would be nice to be able to visit a lot of these places on a much larger scale. A lot of the time when I played the game, I usually felt a sense of mysteriousness about the game because this was before the First Civilization was revealed so there was a lot of wonder to it and maybe they merge the new aspects of the recent games with the nostalgia of the first game. In addition, it would be awesome to see how they finally address being able to swim in the remake and having much less repetitive missions as well. I mean the realization of being able to swim in AC2 was really crazy. 

In terms of the modern day however, I don't think it might have the modern day, at least as we know it and I don't think it should really use Desmond's story to be honest. Not that I hate Desmond or anything. However if it's a very different game to the original, it might feel much more like a reboot than a remake and people might actually want to see Desmond return even before the whole 2012 thing. I know that the whole end of the world aspect was really cool and was actually the reason I kept playing the games. Although after 2012, it just wouldn't really bother me so much and I wouldn't feel the need to play a remake with a modern day. I remember I used to get AC games as gifts for Christmas aside from when it came to AC3 because I thought playing a game based on the end of the world after the year would be a little pointless and wouldn't be exciting. What I think they might do is have a new modern day character but needs to relive the life of Altair's memories for whatever reason with a new Animus which would explain why things are so different now in terms of gameplay and cutscenes for the historical part. This way it might even give a reason to connect it with other characters like Bayek or a new character in a future game. They could just avoid the modern day altogether which wouldn't be so bad if the game made up for it. 

With an AC2 remake, I actually think there would also be so much more potential but more in a different way. Sure the map could be much more like the most recent games and not really having loading times between cities but the fact that the characters mean so much more to the main character and was a really a true variety of characters. These days, most characters don't really have a full game and usually there is another character alongside the main one or more than one playable character so it might be awesome to have multiple playable characters such Giovanni Auditore which could connect with AC1 with his search for Altair's secrets. Maybe even Claudia or a few of the other characters and Assassins. Perhaps it could tie in with future games or at least have some sort of epilogue with some of the other characters we never saw after Brotherhood. 

In terms of combat and customization, I think an AC2 would be really great because I think they could really add some elements from previous games. I'm not quite sure I could see Ezio climbing a tree like Connor but maybe taking part in naval battles would be something suited to him. With the graphics, I would honestly really love to see a remake or just a proper remaster. I know they made a collection but it really doesn't really feel that different and with AC2, they simply get rid of the fogginess to the game and without changing the other graphical aspects, it just doesn't seem that right. I also know many people who stopped playing the games after AC Brotherhood and AC3 so if they remade these games, it would definitely bring some of the old gamers back.

With the other games, I don't see much point in them making remakes for the Kenway Saga. I just feel like they're fine as they are really and they're not really that old. I'd probably just rather a new Kenway game in general unless he previous remakes became very popular. For the other games, they are so recent that there really is no reason for a remake or remaster. The only game I could see getting remade would probably be AC Unity to add in French accents rather than British ones of course. However even then, I really don't see a need for a remake since it wouldn't be something significant and the game is pretty controversial. If they went back to that era, it might be better to have another character or just continue the characters from the game anyways rather than remake it. 

Hiatus or move on

Another possibility is to simply put the series on hold or focus on making other series. I really wouldn't be surprised if they did this and to be honest, they already have... sort of. I mean in 2016, it was considered a year with a break from new AC games although apparently taking a break means, the Ezio collection, AC Chronicles games and the movie so I think even if there's a break, there will something there to be released. Maybe they will release a multiplayer style game and add to it every few years, a bit like Ubisoft's shooter games. I would much prefer a multiplayer game every few years when taking a break rather than having a single player game with is forced to have alongside it an additional multiplayer focus. 

I hope one day that there will be a live action TV series because I think it would work so well with the modern day and historical side of things and I think people might be a bit more open minded about it than a movie. I don't even watch that many TV series and an AC TV series is something I would totally enjoy. It could maybe even continue the storylines of the existing characters. Sometimes I feel like Ubisoft want to continue some of the characters but another game is always in development with another character, so maybe they could feature them in a TV series or at least have some sort of epilogue. 

I'm not entirely sure whether the AC series will one day get cancelled and I really hope it doesn't since I think it still has so much potential but maybe if the series is getting too stale even with new settings and all, it might not be enough. I'm pretty sure it won't be cancelled anytime soon so it looks like you are stuck with the series whether you like it or not. I just hope there is more of a direction to the games as the series progresses. 


Overall, I think we'll be seeing plenty more Assassin's Creed games for a very long time. Even if the series was run out of settings, I still think they could use the settings they have already used again and it might be really awesome if they tried something new. However sometimes I feel like the franchise is going a bit too fast in terms of settings. It's like few characters get a chance to develop and grow since every game is simply a new setting. Not that it's it's a bad thing seeing new settings on a regular basis but it would be so cool to have characters with a bit more purpose and direction which also leads in to the modern day. So to be honest it isn't just about Assassin's Creed running out of settings but whether the series as a whole is worth playing. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. 

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