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Fatal Frame II, or "The First Time I Peed My Pants As An Adult"

No, I didn't really pee my pants. Not sober anyway. The game is incredibly scary though. No lie.

I bought my first PS2 in the first part of 2003. I remember that when I got it, I immediately went to Best Buy two purchase two completely different games; Beyond Good and Evil, and Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. I've already written about why I love BG&E, it's in my Top 5, but at the time, I was way more interested in FFII.

Looks adorable, right? You have no idea what you're getting into.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about this game because if there's someone out there who hasn't played this (awesome) game yet, I don't to ruin much for you. Here's the gist; you play as Mio and Mayu Amakura, twin sisters who stumble upon All Soul's Village while out in the woods one day. The entire population of the village was murdered by an unknown force and now all of the inhabitants roam as vengeful ghosts. The sisters soon become separated, and Mio must unravel the secrets of the village as she searches for her sister in the hope that they can escape. There ya' go. That's the story (kind of). There is one interesting gameplay element though....

You know how in every other 'survival horror' game you get weapons? I mean, if I'm fighting the undead, I want a shotgun at the minimum in order to wreck shop. Well guess what? In this game, your only weapon is a camera. How's that for a plot twist?

Haha, have fun fighting ghosts with this you piece of shit!

Now I don't want to turn you off of the game, because you can level the camera up, and once you do, it basically becomes the hand of a vengeful God...which is actually pretty sweet. Also, the fact that your only weapon is a camera...well it makes each battle that much more tense, and ultimately satisfying when you finally conquer your undead foe. Couple that with the fact that FFII controls like the old Resident Evils, and you've got roughly 12 hours of shitting your pants in abject terror.

Speaking of terror, there are two 'boss' fights that I found to be particularly horrifying/delightful. The first is "Falling Woman". Let me set it up for're outside, it's raining, you run into a house (don't remember if it had a name or not), you see a set of stairs that wrap around, so up you go to the next level. As you're running up, the game goes into a cutscene; a female ghost falls head-first down the shaft of the stairs, as she's falling, SHE LOOKS RIGHT INTO YOUR EYES! GAHHHHHHH! Her body hits the floor; you hear her bones break, and guess what? Time to fight! There she is at the bottom of the stairs, body completely twisted. Enjoy:

I'm 27 and this still freaks me out.

That's not even the worst one! This one didn't even freak me out the most the first time I played! That honor goes to the woman who was looking for her lover. You open the door to leave the room and SHE'S STANDING RIGHT THERE! God, this is the type of game I play specifically to give myself the willies.

My all time favorite boss fight in this game, and the one that drives me completely insane (no, it's not the Twin Dolls Fight, although that's a solid guess) is the three-part battle against Chitose Tachibana.

Or as I like to call her, "The Littlest Satan."
Chitose is the youngest of the three Tachibana children. When she was alive she was a shy child who would hide when company came over. When death came for the village she was hiding; which is how her battle starts. You have to find her within the Tachibana residence three separate times in order to get the key to free your sister. There's a couple of things I really enjoyed about this fight. First is her style. The red kimono and green eyes(?) really stand out. Her design is really beautiful and the image of her lunging at you in fear and rage really sticks with you. The other thing is that, out of all the ghosts in the game...she, at least to me, is the most heart-breaking one to fight. I mean, she's a little girl who lost her family and wants her brother to rescue her. She's terrified of what's going on and the only way she knows to react is to lash out. Also, she's crying the entire time you fight her...which is just depressing as all hell. Whenever I fight her I always feel like a complete douche...but it's gotta be done.

I'd rather kick a puppy than fight this girl.

Those are my two favorite moments from this game, but they're not even the scariest. And I know, if you haven't played it yet, you're probably totally judging me...and that's fine...punk. I'll tell you though, play it alone at 2am with the lights off and see how far you get before you start looking over your shoulder, ok? Don't say I didn't warn you.
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