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Oh geeze, not even 10 days until Judgement comes out wtf


when the party starts to wipe in a JRPG and you’re out of revives


Bought a bunch of indies during the Switch sale to play after Persona Q2. Grabbed Iconoclasts, Crypt of the Necrodancer (5 bucks!), Wargroove, Stardew Valley and, despite owning it on PC, VA-11 Hall-A.


Devolver has a Metal Wolf Chaos pin on sale right now if you're into pins.


Daemon x Machina is getting a PVP mode in an update after launch.


More footage. Framerate problems are still present :( BUT it does have footage from the demo boss that stumped many here AND multiplayer in action.


Seems like Daemon X Machina has improved the framerate consistency based on the Treehouse stream. Only gonna play this subbed cus they've got Char and Amuro expies.


They made a lot of good changes, holy shit. And they added gyro controls!


If yall see a Daemon x machina LE get announced, could you let me know? Can't watch the Treehouse stream.


Alright, now that I've slept on it, time for some Ubisoft and Square conference takes.


And now to sleep and let the SE conference sink in before final thoughts. Hopefully some more footage comes out about Avengers in the meantime, cus the trailer wasn't quite selling me.




So I just realized, I hope Crosscode gets a date for the console port. Been waiting for that one.


So the more I think about it, the more I wasn't too huge on E3 yesterday? Will give more information in a bit.


For having no Metal Wolf Chaos information, Devolver officially has the worst event.




Was sick today. Played KH 0.2 and watched the movie for the mobile game. Fun times. Now to play Persona Q2 before KH 3D and Sekiro, and the backlog will be done again


Leaked still of a cutscene featuring Dynamax Wailord in Sword and Shield


Current status in Super Robot Wars T New Game +


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