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Road to IGF: 22 MB of RAM, Oh My!

Let me start that the moral of this story is one of the most oh-duh moments I have had as a designer yet. I am eager to jump to the punchline, deftly given away by my title, but let me start from the beginning. I originally designed Duc...


Road to IGF: Take the Power Back!

After a bit, my team created a semi-working prototype of an early version of the game. It had most of the major features of Duck Pond implemented: there was a duck, on a pond, and the player can slide their finger through a zone of the s...


Road to IGF: IGF...2011

Hello Destructoid.  We interrupt your regularly scheduled article series to bring a special announcement.  It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we have officially missed the deadline to submit for IGF 2010.  I re...


Road to IGF: World 1-1

The idea for my video game came on the banks of the American River in Sacramento, 2007. I had recently received my iPhone as a gift for passing the bar and was discussing with my brother how it seems like just about every experience in t...


About Mijo Gamesone of us since 8:09 PM on 09.25.2010

Mijo Games is a studio founded in May 2010 dedicated to promoting chillness across the land. Started in Venice, CA, we are a fledgling studio built on the passion and devotion of our team. We are currently hard at work on our first title, Duck Pond.

Check us out on Facebook or at www.mijogames.com