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I love gaming, and I know it sounds generic, but gaming has become a way of life for me.
Well I should start by saying how I got into it, and I remember it as if it were just yesterday.....

I used to live in Mexico for a couple of years, and as a result I totally missed American popular culture, from the tv shows to dem games, and yugioh! I wasn't completely oblivious to some games though, I remember the Gameboy Color, and the release of the GBA, everyone wanted one haha. So the year was '99 when I played my first game, it was tax season so my parents came back to do them, and we stayed with our cousins.Oone day they visited some relatives of theirs, and naturally I was bored being in a stranger's house, up until the point they showed me this game, it was Super Smash Bros. for the N64 =) (of course I didn't realize what this game was until MUCH later, hell I didn't know what a "console" was) the first character I chose was Kirby because he could fly, but I got KO'd a lot, so I started using someone that I'd seen before on playing cards,Ppikachu I choose you! fond memories of playing at the Pokemon stadium. Anyways, we finally moved back to the states in late 2001 or early 2002, can't remember, soon after we got a Compaq pc, and it came with a bunch of games as a promo. That's when I got introduced to pc gaming. The games that it came with weren't that great, except for Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed, and Sim City 3000. I guess I got lucky because I developed my taste in games from the early exposure, and the games my older bro got from his friends, they were Expendable Millennium Soldier, and Freespace 2. They just don't make good games like that anymore. Well I'll continue this some other time, I could go on for years after all =p