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A Beginner's Guide to the Cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Ultimate Edition


Good news everyone!  This redundantly titled blog is the final installment of my beginner's guide to the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  That means after today, I'll be moving on to other ventures and you won't see this series hogging up clog space.  I realized after starting this series that not many Destructoid readers have gaps in their knowledge of Nintendo history, but I enjoyed writing this guide regardless and wanted to see the series through to completion.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as you know doubt know, is releasing on the Nintendo Switch this December.  Unlike previous Smash installments, this game is prioritizing bringing back every previous playable fighter from all of its smashing predecessors.  As a result, creator Masahiro Sakurai has also set expectations accordingly by stating, "we made including every single fighter ever our number one goal, so I'm kind of hoping you're not expecting too many new challengers.  At the time of writing, only two characters are making their debut as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  One last time, let's get started!

64) Inkling

  • Series:  Splatoon
  • First Appearance:  Splatoon (2015, Wii U)
  • Recommended Game:  Splatoon 2

Up until now, I've recommended playing a lot of games on the Wii U Virtual Console to get to know Smash characters on their home turf, but the reality is I really don't care much for the console in the slightest, for the same reasons everyone else dunked on it while it existed and quickly forgot it once it was gone.  However, there is one noteworthy success tucked among the Wii U's many failures, and that is the Splatoon franchise.

Splatoon is one of the first large-scale Nintendo IPs to achieve an immense amount of success in a long time, and the franchise is promoted almost as much as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda as of late.  Splatoon takes place in the most family-friendly post-apocalyptic world ever, where after the extinction of humans, sea life has evolved and become the dominant species on land.

Splatoon is Nintendo's answer to the ever popular online shooter, as the premise involves players taking control of an Inkling, a squid-human hybrid creature, and teaming up with three other players online.  The team of four then competes with another not to get the highest kill count, but rather to use weaponry to cover more of the map's surface area in their team's ink color.  The result is a shooter that is remarkably accessible since it rewards aiming at the floor more than opponents, though there is a surprising amount of depth toit, particularly in the more competitive modes.

In Smash Bros., Inklings use many of the weapons from their home series and must carefully manage their ink levels to ensure their weapons don't run out of ammo.  They can even cover enemies in ink to increase the damage they inflict, a reflection of how players are rewarded in Splatoon for covering everything in sight. 

Splatoon got a Switch sequel in the form of Splatoon 2, which honestly feels like more of an expansion pack than everything, bringing back a lot of the same content from its predecessor and adding to it.  It naturally also has a much more vibrant online community, so I recommend picking up the sequel if you want to play as these marine monstrosities outside of Super Smash Bros.

65) Ridley

  • Series:  Metroid
  • First Apperance:  Metroid (1987, NES)
  • Recommended Game:  Super Metroid

Ridley is a character Metroid fans have wanted to see in Super Smash Bros. for many years, though his immense stature long made that an impossibility.  Ridley is to Samus as Bowser is to Mario - an archnemesis she has burning hatred for.  Ridley orphaned Samus at a young age and possesses a keen intellect behind his animalistic rage, making him a ruthless enemy Samus has quarreled with time and time again.

Ridley makes an appearance as an foe in virtually every Metroid game, so you can pretty much choose any one to play and expect him to show up as a boss fight at some point.  His incarnation in Smash reminds me most of his appearance in Super Metroid though, a game in which Ridley plays a pivotal role both in the opening and the final few hours of the game.  If you want to gain an understanding for how intimidating his villain is outside of Smash, Super Metroid is your best bet.  You can nab it on the Wii U or New 3DS Virtual Console, or the SNES Classic.


At the time of writing, these are the only newcomers to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Still, even if we hypothetically don't pick up any more playable characters, these highly requested fighters on top of every veteran throughout the series adds up to one of the best rosters of any fighting game ever.

If you've stuck with this series until the end, I appreciate your continued interest.  Again, I realize Destructoid isn't the target audience for a beginner's guide like this, but I did want somewhere to host it, and publishing this series has helped me grow comfortable with Destructoid's blog editor.  I have many more ideas in the pipeline, so I hope you look forward to seeing what I whip up next, hopefully something that hardcore gamers will get more out of.

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