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No poop this weekl.

Unfortunately, I have some form of a bowel obstruction, so no poop this week! :( However, I have a Mass Effect, which is more than enough to talk about. Firstly the bad things - because yes, although ME is amazingly spunktacular, it still ...


Poop Of The Weekl, #2

So, in the wake of all the HATE I received for last week's blog entry, I have decided to once again evaluate literary techniques I can use to encapsulate the glory of the poop. Thus, I have come up with a plan! I will use a different and n...


Poop Of The Weekl, #1

Welcome, fellow interneters, to the adventure of a lifetime! For I am about to embark on an epic saga of love, hate, betrayal, but above all, defecation! Yes, that's right, I am going to blog about poop, but not just poop. What goes into p...


Can has working links, please?

So, I have been forced (with threats of rape) by Sir. Johanakin Solo Skywalker the XVIII (aka wardrox) to join this here website. And thus, I moved my cute little cursor to the "Get started - its fast and free" link. The first thing that...


About MickMcMackone of us since 9:57 AM on 09.02.2007

My favourite games are sleeping and eating.
I have been known to enjoy talking and pooping, sometimes at the same time!
The first thing I do when I wake up is turn Celeste (my PC) on. She is the last thing I look at before I go to sleep, when I switch her to standby.
Other than that, I like to code, play with Blender and pee my panties by looking at the pretties on my 360.

I have been ATTACKED (maybe not, but `attacked' is more dramatic than `told') in my very first blog comment to list my so called "gaming interests", so here they are.

I am a gaming whore and like most, if not all, types of game.

My favourites, in no particular order:

Final Fantasy Whatever
I own pretty much all of them, I'm waiting for a couple of remakes so I can own them all on one system though.

I'm a Halo fan, I'm complete poop at multiplayer, especially Halo 2, but I still love it. I have already purchased Halo 3 and am counting down the days.

The Elder Scrolls
I have lost more hours of my life to these games than any other series put together (bar maybe FF). There's nothing more to be said, really.

I've never even won this game, but own it on three systems and still plug in my BBC Master every so often to marvel at the pretty 3D graphics. :3

Spellforce (+2)
I love this game and more people should play it. If you have never heard of it, you instantly fail at life and should end everything by eating a PS3. Whole.

Civilisation CTP
Best Civ I've played, I don't care if you disagree, because if you disagree you are wrong. The End.

Dragon Quest
After two days I had clocked over 34 hours gameplay. Enough said.

Silent Service II
Probably the deepest (pun intended) and prettiest game I've ever played.

Settlers II - Gold Edition
Hard, long, boring, life-stealing.

Super Star Soccer 64
The only sports game I've ever, EVER liked. And by liked, I mean, actually bothered playing. _

As you might've noticed, I'm not a hardcore FPS fellow, I enjoy a fair bit of RTS and more than enough (J)RPG. Saying that, I'm open to almost anything.