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Trying my hand at writing JRPG-style quotes and barks part 2


Hot off the heels of my recent attempt at writing JRPG-style quotes, I figured it would be a great idea to concoct another list of colorful and energetic quips.

However, instead of providing a link to the file containing the relevant content, I'll just copy and paste everything onto this post for your reading pleasure/convenience.

Feel free to provide me with your much-appreciated feedback/constructive criticism. Other than that, happy perusing! 

When chosen

A fine opportunity to hone my swordsmanship/marksmanship!

Let us proceed with gleefully extreme violence!

This will most certainly be a day/night to remember!

The time has come to “entertain” the craven opposition.

Ah crumbs! Just when I was about to take a respite from it all!

When spotting enemy

Got some moxie being in our neck of the woods!

Seems we have ourselves some baleful loiterers!

Better cross trouble off your “Lost and Found” list!

Missed me? So did I!

My, my, aren’t you a sight for sore, blood-starved eyes!

When victorious

All bark and no bite, it would seem!

Let that be a lesson to you unsightly hoodlums!

(laughs) Never stop bedazzling me with your ineptitude!

You’ll make a splendid addition to my trophy wall.

Someone’s obviously been shirking his training lately.

When leveling up

Just a matter of keeping my eyes on the prize!

Oh dear, I’ve been awfully indolent lately…

Seems I’ll have to pick up the pace from here on out.

So close, and yet so far. Can’t afford to back down now!

The last few skirmishes have proven to be quite gainful!

Before landing critical strike

Hold still for me, would you kindly?

Allow me to do the lethal honors!

Be grateful that you’ll be “rejoining” your compatriots!

Toodle-pip, you delightfully hapless roughneck!

Care to make my axe's dearest acquaintances?

When dying

C…Curse myself for playing so f…fast and loose…

Permanent w…woe has indeed be…befallen me…

I…If only I had more than one l…life to sacrifice for my k…kin…

Cr…Crickey, I shouldn’t have jumped into the fr..fray so brazenly…

W..Well, I reckon the fun had to end s…sooner or later…

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