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Fans of Fallout, Oddworld and Edgar Wright flicks, rejoice. Appreciation of dark humor is linked to higher levels of smarts.


The fact that this flick made $8 million back compared to its $47 million budget in spite of its infectious sense of wonder is the type of thing that has me flabbergasted. How can this Gilliam gem get such a muted response from audiences!? HOW!?


Rewatched Brazil and loved it even more on my second viewing. Just as relevant as ever, especially given how grim and divisive this spherical abode currently is. The world could honestly use more (dark) humor to weather its toxic state of mind.


Terry Gilliam is swiftly becoming one of my favorite directors of all time. Brazil, The Holy Grail, Time Bandits (which I’ve just finished watching. Climax was mighty bonkers)... This chap has a fine grasp of dark humor and creative imagination.


What better way to start 2019 than with a New Year’s Day flick? Seriously, A Monster Calls is that peerless coupling of drama and fantasy. The fact that it barely broke even is just criminal. Liam Neeson’s stories and narration are what I needed.


2018 highlights: Getting praise from the Obsidian folks for my Fallout 4 mod, meeting Tim Willits & the id folks, having my work endorsed by Monolith & Mundfish, joining the Quebec Writers’ Federation, began work on my pet project. Bring on 2019.


2018 has been a strange year for me, both exciting and uncertain. Lots of great things happened during my time at Bethesda in the first half before taking a creatively different path in the latter half. Hope 2019 will have my efforts bear fruit.


I’m no superhero flick junkie or anything (Lord knows how samey those can get), but Into The Spider-Verse was quite the roller-coaster ride. Audiovisuals and narrative combined begot an experiment that was both style AND substance. Swell done!


Mundfish caught wind of my Atomic Heart article. Year’s coming to a rewarding end.


Looking back at 2018 in anime (which has been a stellar 365 days for the medium), I'm unashamed to say that my favorite show of the year is A Place Further Than The Universe. When it comes to character chemistry, them four lasses have no equal.


Having watched Bumblebee yesterday, I can safely say the following: Travis Knight’s direction is the right one for the series to take, and the Cybertron bits (trailers showed them, so hardly spoilery) alone trounce any action scene Bay produced.


Truth be told, this is the first Xmas in a long time that I haven’t excitedly looked forward to. I’m more focused on other endeavors right now than anything else. Hopefully the payoff will be a belated Xmas present and not an early birthday one.


So I brought up the elephant in the room that is my vernacular the other day and how it'd addle most folks ('specially ESLings). Welp, reckon the end of the rabbit hole has yet to materialize.


North Americaball in a nutshell. I tittered at the sight of Quebec and Newfoundland cheekily eyeing the last remnant of New France still administered by the Hex. As a geography and vexillology 'ficionado, Polandballs are both jocular and acute.


Reckon my idiomatic argot is one of the chief caveats folks pitched at my latest write-up judging from the non-Destructoid comments. Truth be told, ‘dvanced English and I became inextricable. Does make me stand out ‘mong me peers here in Quebec.


The great thing about doing your research is that you can come across tongue-in-cheek findings such as this pre-1949 propaganda poster. (Not taking any sides, just wanted to show this to y’all)


Really angry and frustrated at myself right now, got so bad I had to cut my daily workout short. As usual I don’t think I’m not doing enough to self-actualize. I feel insignificant...


A wee bit let down that my Atomic Heart article didn't get featured on Gamasutra as of writing, but no hard feelings. It does stray away from what I usually publish and is more opinionated than my design posts, but I hope it gets more exposure.


That Atomic Heart article I talked about yesterday? Just finished and spruced up the whole thing! Expect it in two days' time (have other fish to fry this weekend and I'm the kind of feller who likes to monitor his work ASAP).


Strongly considering whipping up an article pertaining to Atomic Heart and a trend I've been seeing in works within and beyond gaming. It's a topic that's been simmering in my mind, one that I feel I can't contain for much longer. Stay tuned.


Cat cafe. The PB & J of restaurants.


Seldom get into politics, but this here picture of Trump and Schumer confabulating w/ one another is begging for a quote. “Wall’s going to be tre-men-dous, and Mexico’s going to pay for it, and Russia will...” ‘Ughhh... Chump’s always at it.


New wallpaper. Literally became obsessed with Atomic Heart as I write them words. It's truly unlike any game I've seen this and the past gaming generation. If the narrative and mechanics can match the aesthetics, then a sleeper hit may be born.


Wish me luck with this here libation.


Netted meself a spanking new flag to adorn me mantelpiece with. That comely juxtaposition between 🇬🇧 and 🇫🇷 emblems is best kind.


As sacrilegious as this may sound, last night’s Game Awards vindicated my disillusionment with the industry as a whole and I’m saying this as a AAA alum. I believe the medium’s stuck in a creative rut and most titles I enjoy stem from the past.


I know it may be a huge stretch, but I'm hoping more of Atomic Heart will be unveiled in the forthcoming Game Awards. That title's aesthetics and tone are just masterful in their level of whimsy and wickedness, so I hope gameplay will be shown.


As of today, you may consider me a Writing Member of the Quebec Writers' Federation. Big deal given the resources they offer and the fact that I take my vocation seriously. I really look forward to further refining my craft in 2019 and beyond.


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