My Gaming Story: The 3 M's: Music, Mobile & Mike (That's Me)

I've been 21 years old since March 2013 but it feels like I've been playing video games for much longer. The farthest back I can remember is when I was 5 or 6 and I would play Duck Hunt, the original Mario Bros or Mario 3. I preferred playing the NES version of Mario 3 than the SNES version which was included in Super Mario All-Stars. I also played a lot of Game Boy games on my GB Pocket. The games I spent the most time with are Blades of Steel, which I think Konami should remake or reboot it for today's audiences, Tetris, Penguin Wars and a few Pokemon titles. I could never fully get into a Pokemon game though because I didn't know what to do or where to go. I would just walk around like an idiot defeating random Pokemon that would appear. 

In the late 90s, when I moved onto the SNES, most of my time was spent playing Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, trying to find every level, beat every boss and ultimately kick Bowser's behind. I wouldn't beat either of these games til 15 odd years later when I would get these games for my Game Boy Advance. In the late 90s, I also played on a Game Boy Color but it didn't leave a big impact on my life as my Game Boy Pocket.

Around 1999/2000, we got the PlayStation and all I can really remember playing off of that was a bunch of demo discs such as PlayStation Underground. Some of the full release games I had were Spider-Man, NHL 2001 and Rugrats: Search for Raptar. I spent HOURS with all of these games and more, just exploring everything I could from top to bottom. I also got my Game Boy Advance around this time and is the portable I spent the second most time with.

Just shortly after I first played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City at a friends, me and my brother won a PS2 in a school contest. One of the first games we got for it was Vice City (and NHL 2003). Vice City is where I truly got brought to another place and time. It was an incredible experience. Seeing bright neon lights, blasting 80s rock and pop. Vice City to this day holds an incredibly close spot to my gaming heart. Later on during that generation of consoles (PS2/Xbox), my brother got Guitar Hero 2. I would play with the controller without playing the game but than I got into the game. I REALLY got into the game, which would continue on into the current generation of consoles.

When my brother got the 360, the first games he got was Grand Theft Auto 4, Guitar Hero 3 among a few others but I was only interested in the first two. When AC/DC Rock Band was released, that was my first venture into Rock Band territory and back into Harmonix's realms. I fell in love with it quickly and went and got Rock Band 1 as soon as I was done with AC/DC. Shortly after, Rock Band 2 and a few of the track packs. Fast forward to today, I have 515 songs in Rock Band 3 (I also have RB Blitz) and I plan on getting more songs.

From August 2011 to December 2012, a lot of my mobile gaming was done with a 4th Generation iPod Touch. December 2012 to now, I have the 5th Generation iTouch and since April I have also gotten an iPad Mini. Now most of my gaming is done on either iDevice. I play my 360 (I bought the 360 Slim in 2011) for Rock Band, NHL, GTA and some downloadable titles. Since I'm always on the go somewhere, I bring my iOS devices and I'll put in dedicated time to Vice City, puzzle games, pinball, anything I can download. I review just about anything on my blog and I also worked as a QA intern on an iOS game that came out a few weeks ago, SideWalker: Late To Work. I am incredibly proud of this game.

I'm only young but I look forward to exploring whatever the video game industry puts out as well as anything I help with.
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Michael Winston Victor Dulson   



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