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The Many Adaptations of Double Dragon

Double Dragon exploded into arcades back in 1987. The combination of Beat’em up gameplay, usable weapons, and most importantly co-op play, made Spike and Hammer the undisputed kings of the arcade. No you didn’t miss hear me...


Star Fox On Coke

  Fox McCloud is a gaming icon. Ever since his debut in the 1990’s with his self-titled Super Nintendo game, Star Fox, the sly aviator has been a fan favorite of Nintendo gamers. By the year 2016, Fox has appeared in five h...


A Tale of Two Spideys

  I’m a Spidey fan, always have been. There was little room for other unhyphenated superheroes like Batman in my childhood. I was all in on Spider (hyphen) Man. So it’s a little disappointing that I have a real love h...


For The Switch to Live The 3DS Must Die

The Nintendo Switch seems to be prepared for success. The innovation of playing your games anywhere, any way you like on a hybrid handheld/home console is a winner. But, much like the unstoppable, General Hannibal, Nintendo is making a...


What I Miss In Today's Fighting Games

Second to Turned Based RPGs, my favorite video game genre was fighting games. The burly guys, the ridiculously proportioned women, the sheer joy of pulling off moves and combo's I've only seen in Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies. But what I...


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