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Initial impressions: Slender: The Arrival Beta

So today came big news for Horror fans, The Slender: Arrival Beta came out today. For those who do not know, Slender: The Arrival is basically the sequel to the free hit: Slender. The beta of this game is a complete recreation of the original game, on an original map. My initial opinion is that this is pretty damn good. From the atmosphere to the background noise to the the much improved graphics. Almost everything has improved. My only gripe so far is the difficulty. It was far too easy, but there seems to be a difficulty level changer in the options, so I expect to be able to change the difficulty in the full game.. So, all is good. I am really looking forward to this full release at the end of March. Linked below is my first ever playthrough of the game, I got all 8 pages on this playthrough.

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