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Homemade Akuma Costume

I'm the type of person that enjoys creating my own halloween costumes, however, I'm also a cheap bastard, so I try to use items I either already have or simple designs that I think will be the most cost effective. Last year I went as Rorsch...


Stupid WiiWare - 3 Mini Reviews

So I played three equally disappointing WiiWare titles last night, all games I was looking forward to too... what a great service... sorry, I just feel the need to rant, I'll only be a minute. I played Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, beautifu...


Animal Crossing Pictures!

This blog was inspired by princessdaisy... My beautiful home With a beautiful view My den My music room Every man's dream... Samus in bed anyone? Samus rummaging through my messy basement Samus picking a fight with a Pig...


My Halloween Costume - Rorschach (NVGR)

I enjoy making my own costumes for Halloween, as crude as they may be, they're always more creative and often cheaper. This Rorschach costume I made was quite simple and cost less than $20 bucks! The colors are off, I was too cheap to buy...


R-Type = Failure

I don't understand R-Type's appeal. I consider myself a pretty big shmup fan and I've never liked the R-Type series. I've played and beat the first two R-Types on the GBC cart R-Type DX, while this may not have been the best port, I liked ...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Behold in all its glory... not my Turning Point gaming rig... =( It's just another lame PC, nothing special at all. An Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz, 1GB of RAM, Leadtek WinFast PX7800 GT. The last PC game I was able to play without proble...


Counter Force! The Power is You.

To all the nay-sayers that think there arenít any good games on the WiiÖ you obviously havenít played Counter Force! What is Counter Force you ask? Counter Force is a 3D Shoot-em-up, along the same lines as Space Harrier, only you pilot...


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Hello World.

I am a gamer. As such, I play games. I'm actually a self confessed Nintendo fanboy, however, I don't drool over everything Ninty makes, for example, I absolutely loathe the Nintendo DS. Also, some may call me bitter.

<--That's Me! Don't I look happy?

Anywho, I don't have many current gen systems, only a Wii and a GP2X Wiz, both of which I absolutely love so I never made the leap into the HD battle with PS360.

Also, please note, I am not a writer, nor do I strive to be. Many of my posts may sound disjointed and nonsensical, that's because they are, deal with it.

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