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My look at: Vita


For a while now I been playing around with my new Vita. I got it right after I sold some games and my Wii and saw that I had enough to get one and pre-order this years Persona games. It is a Wi-fi model, not going to pay for some damn contact with AT&T -_-, and got one Vita title, Gravity Rush. So here are some things that I think about it.

Smooth sailing

The system interface and loading time is very smooth. Sliding from menus, moving from one app to app, leaving and returning to games are all very slick with hardly any slow down or lag between them. It was impressive to have the ability to pause a game when backing out to the main menu and then able to go back to the game without having to restart. Another cool thing was the multitasking it was capable of from playing music while playing a game to to opening multiple social apps and still able to keep running without a hitch.

Lovely features

One of the things I liked about the PSP was the way I was able to customize my system look and it still applies to the Vita, allowing any kind of picture to be used for the wallpaper. Moving the icon around is a nice way of being organize with the apps, specially when you start to downloading apps and games to the system. Camera system is pretty functional with the ability to read AR cards similar to 3DS, which is pretty nice. PSN store interface is easy enough to navigate but could use some additional filtering features like low priced games or list by titles. The trophies app is pretty smooth with it syncing up right as you enter it as well as loading up your PS3 trophies too. By far the best feature is the fact that I can download games to it instead of having a physical copy of the game, making it easy for travel.

Unneeded features and lacking ones

There a few features I question there needs. First the rear touch is hardly used. I seen some games try to use it in some ok fashion but it is limited to a few touch gestures. Near, social networking app, is similar to 3DS's streetpass, where small data can be pass between systems. While it a cool feature, I hardly see it as some important enough to waste battery life on when I could just be playing games. Speaking of battery life, it has about 4 hour limit depending on how many apps you're using. However, it is nothing to riot in the streets about since you may not be playing for more than an hour or 2 since it is a portable device. The browser is pretty clunky with navigation being swimming and the lack of flash and HTML5 to play video is a bummer when most sites I would be using the browser for would be ones with video. This could explain the reasoning for the YouTube and NicoNico app on the PSN store.

Gravity Rush

As I said before I got two games for my Vita. The first one being Gravity Rush, an open world action-adventure game staring Kat who is on a journey to finding out who she is while help saving the strange city she is in using her gravity abilities. It a pretty well made game, pushing the system's graphic and processing abilities, while utilizing the touch screen and tilting sensor for a few of Kat's abilities. However, it isn't as smooth when using them, even when getting use to them. For the game as a whole it above average, with it strongest point being the story and the uniqueness of the gravity gameplay.

Overall it a pretty well made system that has a lot going for it. There are many things that'll help push this system up (Persona 4 golden for one) and as long as Sony really does push it with it cross play abilities and backward compatibility, it'll do well.
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