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River City Retro: Kirby's Dream Land


Hello there, fine people. My name is Metallion and I write about games. Last week I read this blog on Destructoid. Not particularly well written. He should have used a spell checker and probably brushed up on his grammar a bit too. Nevertheless there was a definite feel of enthusiasm to his write-up and rightfully so.

I mean, did you ever play Kirby's Dream Land on the original Gameboy? Nowadays when you talk Kirby, you talk stealing enemies' powers but back then there was no such mechanic. The game was
so simple. A jumped, up made you fly and B sucked up an enemy. Then there were a few powerups lying about. A plate of curry rice made you breathe fire for a short time, a mic had Kirby sing his favourite song once and a leaf let you fly while shooting air bubbles indefinitely. The ability to fly effectively erases any difficulty from the game and it doesn't exactly boast a big amount of levels but you know what? That doesn't matter!

I'm not saying that a game can get away with being ridiculously easy and short. I'm saying that Kirby can! I mean, look at the little fellow. He's just adorable! I mean, he's so round and pink and... Ugh even a merciless terminator would just want to give him a big squeezy hug. Seriously though, there's just a certain charm to this game that keeps you coming back for more. As Winged Kraby stated in the blog I mentioned earlier, a big part of this is thanks to the music. Let's take a look at a few of my favourite levels of this game.

Castle Lololo

This explanation's going to be brief. This level's my favourite for one reason and one reason only. The music. Knighty enough to fit a castle level and cutesy enough to fit a Kirby game. This tune'll be stuck in your head for a while after watching the video above. Also does anyone recognize those boss characters? ;)

Float Islands

Coming fresh off of Castle Lololo, Kirby's now headed seaside. The music just makes you feel like you're right there under a palm tree with a cocktail in your hand. Kirby heads out to sea, crawls through a cave and then boards a ship. At the end of the level he launches himself towards a whale, gets stuck in its breathing whole and is then launched to the sky. The boss battle that follows there effectively turns the game into an arcade shmup. Although the whale scene adds nothing to the gameplay, it's just adorable to watch and I'm happy it's in the game.

Bubbly Clouds

This level takes place in the clouds and yes, the music fits really well but that's not why I like it. When I first played this game, I was in 4th grade elementary school and I had just learned where babies come from. My explanation for this level's title screen is that there was a little lady kirby waiting in that cloud.

As I said before, the game is incredibly easy but actually once you beat it, it shows you the code to unlock hard mode. In this mode we're no longer playing around. Enemies are way more abundant and have ridiculous patterns. Some of the more fearsome ones even take away half your health bar in one hit. I can still beat the game but in this mode, it does give me a run for my money. Kirby's Dream Land would have been just fine even without this mode but with it, it's a true retro classic that every self-respecting gamer should play at least once.

This has been Metallion and thank you for reading River City Retro.

Homepage: www.rivercityretro.org
twitter: @Metallion98

Ps: I actually intended to write about Kirby's Dream Land 2 but during the introduction, I got so excited about the first game that I decided to write a whole feature on that. Keep an eye on my blog for Dream Land 2 is soon to follow.
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