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Four years of Destructoid, four months of Metallion


As we all know, Destructoid is turning four next week. Jordan has already written his collection of wacky memories and now Hamza is encouraging the community members to do the same. I have only been here for a few months so I'm not really the best person for the job. Even so, I am starting to feel more and more attached to this place as both time and blogs go by. Even though I haven't got a big set of memories yet, I'd still like to take a little time to write about how Destructoid has stolen my heart.

For me the story begins in January 2009, long before I ever set foot in this geek haven. I had this really boring job at a company that you should all hate. The management was too retarded to get us any customers and as a result, there was absolutely zero work to do. All I ever did there was sit on my ass and feel my brain shrink.

My laptop and the constant streams of binary numbers pouring into it, were the only things preserving my sanity. I wandered through the interwebs like a bozo with no purpose and read a bunch of gaming sites, watched videos of the kind James Rolfe makes and eventually discovered the joys of professional gaming. My rusted brain cried out to me as I began looking up to these people and how well they relayed their passions into creative works.

I wanted to be like them. I started by e-mailing this non-English gaming website that I had been reading for about ten years. I knew it was mostly maintained by volunteers so I tried my luck and asked them to take me in. Take me in they did and for a while, I had a blast writing articles for them. Eventually though, there were some disagreements concerning the kind of articles I should write. We negotiated for a while but in the end, we couldn't reach a compromise that both parties were satisfied with and so we parted ways as friends. Wondering where I could go from there, I tried starting my own blog but their blogging culture was very small and nobody really read it until my first blog died a silent death.

A few more months after that, I quit my shitty job and started making arrangements to move to Japan and live there for some time. I had been planning to do that for a while already. I have several close friends in those parts and I speak the language quite well too. Even though my life was already becoming much more stimulating, the urge to do something creative with my love for gaming remained. One day I was chatting about it with a friend when he finally asked me if I had ever tried Destructoid. "What the hell is a destructoid?" I thought to myself. I ran over to Google and there it was.

One of the first things I noticed was some news about Spore with a giant penis monster as the header image. One of the second things I noticed was Jim's piece on how much hotter Bayonetta is than my girlfriend. I laughed my ass off reading that! This place was brilliant. I could get all the gaming news I wanted and be entertained at the same time. I noticed some of the promoted blogs and it blew my mind. Were these guys seriously posting their community's writings on the front page? Then followed the musings. These were even better. Give people a relatively vague topic, let them interpret it however they want and reward them by ensuring a stampede of readers. Creative heaven! This was exactly the kind of place I had been looking for! I settled in and started writing.

Before I knew it, I had coined my own series that I was making graphics for and I even uploaded several videos to YouTube. Although I've been here for so little time, I already feel like I've made a great set of memories. I remember my first musing being frontpaged, staff member Matthew Razak complimenting one of my posts, the start of my own series and the first cblog recap that actually referred to it by name. It's a great feeling to see how the writings of some generic dude like myself are welcomed and acknowledged here.

Writing my own stuff might have been the main reason why I joined this place but gradually, I'm starting to get to know the community. Let me take some time to highlight some of the colourful characters I've run into. For starters there is Elsa. What can I say really? She's a 47 year old lady gaming happily with her husband. When I reach that age, I want to be just like her. Then there's SWE3tMadness. A classically trained pianist that pwned my ass all the way to the moon and back with some of her deep writings about gaming soundtracks. TheDustinThomas, a badass professional wrestler on the outside but true gaming geek on the inside. We've got Wry Guy who's a freaking walking King of Fighters encyclopaedia! I read about Nilcam and the pink piece of greatness that is the customised fightstick he's building. I learned about an ex-marine that has had more than a few hardships in life but found solace in gaming and talks about masturbation under the catchy name of ZLC. Also Tubatic deserves an honourable mention. He's a fan of UFO: Enemy Unknown and that automatically makes one awesome.

One fine bunch we have here! I'm absolutely sure it must have been an amazing four years for you all and it has been an exquisite four months for me. There are a a lot people on this site that I haven't mentioned in the above paragraph which means that there is still so much left for me to discover. Until then I am going to keep doing my thing and I sincerely hope all of you will keep doing yours. Special thanks go out to the staff for creating and maintaining such a great site, the community for being awesome in general and Pedro The Hutt for telling me it all existed. I'm well aware that this place isn't perfect and I don't enjoy every write-up as much as the next one but still... I am some random dude named Metallion and I raise my glass to the great community that we call Destructoid!

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