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Rekognize: BrooteL Lejund Is Important Game, An.

YEs, Brootel Lejund is a grate gaym. You kan fly and also walk. When i was living in 1996 Jyly FIF, flying was bid deal. Eveyone loved to fly and games with flying were officially best games ever. Now I live in year 2009, not by choice m...


Roots and Culture: Brütal Legend

Where to begin with the praises for this game? Let's begin with the lows: there aren't any. Yup, you read this correctly, this game doesn’t have anything bad going for it. Let me explain myself, this is not a review this is a love letter...


Roots and culture in the area

So, this guy, this thug got shot up and now he's laying at the bottom of an acid pool. Usually I wouldn't care for a person like this and just go after his buddy, the one who shot him up, kill him and take his money. But this time, it's di...


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