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The Start of the Affair: Viewing The Ocarina of Time through the eyes of a Child

I still remember it like it was yesterday…I had just turned 11, My dad arrived home from work and in his hand was a shiny golden box, he handed it to me and I just stared at it in awe for about 1.5 seconds. As fast as I could I opened it up to hold the glittering gold cartridge in my hand, which only reflected the treasure that was the experience to come. I put it in the N64, fired it up, named myself link and I was off. As soon as I walked out of link’s house I fell in love. The environment was beautiful, lush, green and there were those little particles with trailing tails flying through the air.

yes even these small things amazed me.

I scoured Kokiri Village until I was satisfied that I had found everything that I could. Getting every ruby, going in every house, talking to everyone, and getting the Kokiri Sword :D (It seemed that every five minutes the game was one upping itself and it pretty much kept that up from beginning to end) Exploring inside the Great Duku Tree, fighting a crazy looking spider thing (which when after you stunned it was incredibly satisfying to slash it in the eye with your sword over and over seeing how many times you could hit it before it scurried away)

I could go on and on about every little thing that filled me with awe but I’m sure you don’t all want to read that much, so I’ll just keep it to a few chosen memorable moments.

My Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time top 10 remembered moments!
(in chronological order)

9: Exploring Hyrule Field for the first time
(in case you were wondering #10 was slashing Queen Gohma in the eye over and over)

I was overwhelmed; I think it was a good 2 hours before I ever got close to getting to the town.(I always avoided doing what the game told me to do for as long as I could so I could explore on my own) Lon Lon ranch, trying to get through the blocked entrances(made me mad when I couldn’t ), finding all the secret holes and rolling into trees, fighting the Stalchilds at night, and following the Marathon Runner.

8: Traveling through Time and turning into an adult

After finally getting through the first three dungeons you get to see what those 3 little stones can do. Open the door to the Master Sword, And I think it helped that I was pretty young when I played this because I was so surprised that you got to be an adult, I first looked at the sword and thought “there is no way I’m going to be able to wield this thing, its bigger then me!” then when I was an adult, I probably spent another hour running around Hyrule field looking for changes.

7: Hookshot and Longshot love
The single most useful and fun weapon in the game, I never got tired of playing with it.

Now only if this was real...sigh

6: Finally being able to go back to the past
I don’t know about you but I forgot to tame Epona when I was a kid

I got the song but I never played it again to tame her, I don’t exactly remember when you finally got to go back (I think it was after the Fire Temple that Sheik finally let you go back) so yeah that was a good moment knowing I wasn’t trapped as an adult.

5: Getting The Biggoron Sword
You all remember the fun, little, timed, complicated, frustrating at times, yet strangely satisfying romps that got you that new sword

I think that pic is of the “Goron’s Knife” you know the one that broke after 2 uses, what a tease.

4: Spirit Temple

Desert Colossus…Awesome

Silver Gauntlets… Awesome (picking up huge shit was fun)

Boss battle… Awesome

Saving Awesome looking hot chick Nabooru…Awesome

3: Finding out Shiek is Zelda

Yeah give me a break, was like 11 years old, I totally didn’t see that coming.

2: Fighting Ganondorf
I my training and travel is coming down to this, I filled my bottles with fairies and Blue potion and started up the spiraling blood red stairs, ominous organ music getting louder and louder. This was it, the final epic battle…or so I thought.

Wailing on him with the sword after he was stunned…still really satisfying.

2.5: GANON!

I thought I killed you….

Hell yeah, I got a twofer!
I was going just crazy about now; I was out of Blue potion and didn’t have many hearts, Lucky I made it through this awesome battle.

1: The Ending

Sad day that there is no more story, but a great feeling of accomplishment to know you have finished the game and can sit back and enjoy the ending.

I played it many more times after that doing speed runs, playing the whole game in one sitting, I even tried completing the game without getting one heart piece, that was rough. But I will always remember my first time, the magical, amazing experience that I will never again to be able to truly relive. Although I have younger sisters that have recently played though OoT and it brought a tear to my eye to see them enjoying it the way I did the first time I played though it. I will defiantly be holding on to my N64 so I can share the same experience with my children someday.

Well there you have it, a small portion of my favorite moments of the game that started my affair. I hope you all will post many moments and emotions you felt on your first play through of the masterpiece that is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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