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Fat Princess and feminist problems, what the hell?

It's true, I will admit that in this case I'm forced to eat my own words. I posted my intro blog two days ago, in it stating my dislike (subdued loathing) of Sony, and how I basically wanted nothing to do with them, which would include buying a PS3 and any related games. The next day, I found out about Fat Princess and I seriously want this game. Oh shit.
I'm not even sure how I didn't find out about this sooner.

Basically, it's capture-the-flag with a princess per team. The opposing team locks her in a dungeon, but in an effort to make her harder to return, they can go find cake and feed it to her so she gets fatter and harder to control.

I don't exactly know why I'm attracted to this game, but chances are even if I didn't love it so much, I'd still be laughing at these ladies; apparently, the premise and main character of Fat Princess are repulsive. Part of an interview/complaint found on Yahoo! says:

"Feminist Gamer's "Mighty Ponygirl" rings in diplomatically, suggesting a new way to play the game altogether.

"Instead of running out into the forest to find cake to fatten up the princess with, why not go out and find gold (which is a lot heavier than cake) to stuff into a treasure chest. The more gold in the chest, the heavier it would be, and the harder it would be to carry," she said, before adding, "Oh, but that's not as "cute" as cake and fat chicks. Right."

Over at Shakesville, however, writer Melissa McEwan cuts to the chase, telling Sony she's "positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes.""

Really, I don't see the problem. I'm female, I'm easily offended, and I'm laughing my head off at the premise and waiting to mark the release date on my calendar. Oh, and did I forget to mention?

"Sony has yet to issue an official response, although Joystiq did receive a particularly informative update from James Green, Fat Princess' lead art director, who clued gamers in on the origins of the game:

"Does it make it better or worse that the concept artist (who designed the look, characters, everything) is a girl?""
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