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Damn you Clance, you're right


Well fuck.
I can't make myself hate Sony anymore.

Ugh, I'm aware that I'll take a little shit for this, but I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who saw this blog beforehand, i.e., just those first two lines. I posted it, realized I should actually talk about something, and then lost my internet for a while.

Okay, with that said, I'm really turned around on how I look at Sony. After finding out about Fat Princess yesterday and looking at some stuff today for LittleBigPlanet, I'm actually very excited for both.

I'm not so much grabbed by the online play aspect of LBP, but the rest of it looks great so far. I've watched a few videos, and the physics and level making will hopefully be as awesome as they look now. I like the fact that any object can be frozen, electrified or set on fire, and the effects transferred to any SackPeople who touch it. The whole getting squished deal and being able to hang onto other players (who can get jetpacks!) just makes this game look absolutely, positively delicious for me. I also liked the addition of the D-Pad emotions; it just gives it a little more character
I think the graphics are amazing, partially because I don't really look at PS3 games, and partially by how cute the SackPeople were. It looks like a great premise, and it seems to be holding up well in the videos I've seen. I'm hoping Sony keeps it looking that good (which they probably will).

I know, I know:

But really, if LBP and Fat Princess turn out to be as good as they seem to be, chances are I'll seriously reconsider buying a PS3.
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I was raised on Nintendo, but Microsoft has done good with its systems. I can't make myself hate Sony anymore since they've got Fat Princess and LittleBigPlanet. I like PC games, too.

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