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Save the arcades! [short news blog]

From Kotaku: Stride Gum, makers of those commercials that seem to follow me everywhere, is offering $25,000 to an arcade on the verge of closing after already shelling out $10,000 to save the Philadelphia-based Challenge Arcade last week. ...


Dead Fantasy 4 out, I cream in my pants

I love Mounty Oum's work, however when Dead Fantasy 3 came out i was kind of disappointed. Not that it was bad or anything, but it just didn't live up to DF2 and was way to short. But enough of all that, Dead Fantasy 4 is out and is AMAZING...


[email protected] YES!

OH MY GAWD!!!! SGC!? On my birthday!? And only a 3 hour drive away from where i live!!?? who the hell is comin with me? OH it is like 3 AM and i just squealed at the top of my lungs like a little girl because Texas (or anywhere remotely...


I need the d'toids help again!

So I am in the process of making an arcade for my house, and I need 2 things. First being games. I need suggestions people! So far I am running a mame emulator with: 19xx 1943 Altered beast Armored warrior Asura blade (lags pretty bad,...


Feel the hatred: Cyber Akuma

For those of you that have not played Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter then you probably don’t know about this cheap bastard, but for the people that have played it know exactly what I’m talking about. One of the first jobs I h...


Really dumb question

What the hell does NARP actually stand for? Where are they typically held at? What is the cost of throwing one? Ne thing else i missed you guys just let me know. To make up for lack of text in this blog i will now present you with kittens...



Well I guess this will be my introduction as there is absolutely nothing to do at work today. My name is Sean, just turned 23 on the 9th (man do I feel old), I am in college right now going for a degree in videogame design. I've been aro...


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Name: Sean

Age: 26

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Games That I LOVE:

Pretty much anything with the words 'Final Fantasy' in it
Metal Gear
Resident Evil
Perfect Dark
Soul Calibur
Guilty Gear
Legend of Dragoon(I would easily kill innocent newborn babies for a remake/sequel to this series; and to think i actually DESPISED this game when it first came out)
Legend of Legaia
Pokemon (One of the most addictive RPG's EVER!)
Front Mission 3-5 (Long live FM: Online)
007 GoldenEye
Rival Schools (Project Justice)
NFL Blitz (NOT the league)
Star Fox (SNES and N64)
Armored Core: for Answer