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Rules for the Atlanta Rock Band Tournament

If you live in Atlanta, it's free to enter. Come check it out August 13 at Cheyenne Grill (8:30pm). Check out for more info. Rules: I was having a ridiculously hard time with this, but this seems in...


E3 Shmee Three

As a gamer, I think Microsoft's conference made the most impact. What I loved was the update to the dashboard interface. Very Apple-esque. Avatars and the scheduled competitive games are a great idea. That's something I foresee my wi...


Great news for Mellow.

I'm not new to Destructoid, but this is my first blog entry. I have my own blog over here. So, I've been in talks with a local grille for the past couple weeks. Yesterday was the beginning of seeing my plan come to fruition. Good news...


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