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I'm gonna be honest, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was one of my favorite announcements. Especially after the rumblings that Square lost the source code, I wasn't expecting it, but in the end that got a huge cheer from me, it means a lot to me


Is it bad that I'm more excited for MUA3 than Square's Avengers?


So yeah, Endgame was amazing and I cried a lot. And now I can use the Internet like a normal person again


Sakurai needs to take a break like, yesterday, https://nintendoeverything.com/sakurai-on-smash-bros-ultimate-his-health-choosing-bosses-and-spirits-new-stages-much-more/


This is the reality we live in


Rest In Peace you legendary man :(


Geno is the Mother 3 of Smash rumors. The moment a leak mentions him, it's guaranteed to be bullshit


Valkyria Chronicles 1 is on the Switch now, time to buy this for the 3rd time :p I'd still like to see VC 2 and 3 on there soon


What is it with Assassin's Creed Odyssey that's having people defend it's Microtransaction practices in droves when just not too long ago everyone was grilling EA and Activision for theirs?


Annoyed by the lack of a certain entry in the glut of Final Fantasy games on the Switch I wanna dream I was a moron on a Nintendo




New Smash Bros Direct lets do this!


tfw you feel like being irresponsible with your money


When I think I'm done with this meme one more comes out and surprises me


Got this guy ready in time for America Day


This was honestly one of the best character reveal trailers ever, they really went the extra mile


Nintendo a few weeks earlier: E3 Direct will mainly be Smash focused, and highlight most 2018 titles >shows Smash focused Direct with a few highlighted 2018 titles Nintendo fans: Why did they spend so much time on Smash?! WHERE ARE MY FAKE RUMORED GAME


https://www.destructoid.com/nintendo-confirms-stylish-mech-shooter-daemon-x-machina-at-e3-nintendo-direct-507741.phtml Hoping this game gets more attention because it looks awesome


I give that conference a Snake/10


Was anyone else underwhelmed by Sony's show? Feels like a lot of it was missing


Only thing I'm anticipating for E3 is an interview with Pele, because that's what I watch E3 for


For realsies, am I the only one getting Jak X vibes from the Starfox racing rumors?


Honestly a Starfox Racing game still sounds better than Zero. And we might finally have a canon Command ending


Me: Nintendo needs to calm down with these Wii U ports and give us some new games Also me: Where the fuck is my Wonderful 101 port Nintendo?


The Simpsons Hit and Run is my favorite GTA game


I love 3rd party Transformers figures, now I can have a ridiculously huge Sideswipe giving the finger


Hilarious and Terrifying


We're nearing perfection


So I just beat Yakuza Kiwami and....well damn, I think I might have a new favorite game series. I really need to start tracking down the rest of the games XD


Went a little crazy witty gaming haul. Ended up with Yakuza 0, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Xenoverse 2, Skyrim and Super Bomberman R


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