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Back into the Masquerade

Yes, I have started playing Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines again. I first played this game waaaaaay back, not long after it was first released. I remember doggedly fighting my way through the countless bugs and rough edges of the game to eventually find the awesomeness underneath the shitty exterior. I was totally addicted to this game for quite a while, until I eventually encountered a battle in the later stages of the game which totally infuriated me to the point of rage quitting and I simply stopped playing.

I decided to give it another go yesterday after seeing it on sale on Steam for $5. I'd long since gotten rid of the original copy I owned, and Steam just makes it so easy to click the button and buy a game. I couldn't resist. I recently read a good article on Destructoid about modding this game, so I went back and re-read it and installed the recommended mods. I've only played a couple of hours so far, but I'm definitely enjoying it. The mods make the game look pretty good, although it still looks a bit shoddy. The bugs are still there (you can only polish a turd so much, it's always going to be a turd) but they're less noticeable. I'm looking forward to really getting into this game again, the main thing I enjoyed about it back in the day was the atmosphere of the world. It's an intriguing place to explore.

Does anybody out there have any thoughts they'd like to share about this game? I'm curious.
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