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Achievement Unlocked: Baby In The Belly

My wife and I are having a baby. I�ve written variations on this sentence many times now over the last week while texting people to notify them of the good news, sending emails to friends and family to let them know, or on Facebook to make the general announcement for everyone else. No matter how many times I write it, however, it still seems a little bit unreal. Having a baby is all part of our plan, don�t get me wrong. We�ve been trying for this for a while. I suspect that it won�t actually seem real until he/she pops out and I get to see them in person and not just as an abstract black and white image on an ultrasound scan.

I�m getting ready for my entire life to change. As well as preparing for the baby we also recently bought our first home, which we will be moving in to in 6 weeks time. All in all this year is like the ULTIMATE YEAR OF LIFE CHANGES EXTREME! It�s a combination of exciting/terrifying that I�ve never quite experienced before in my life.

My wife and I were talking the other night about how up until now we�ve generally been quite selfish. I don�t mean that in a negative way, really, it�s just that when you don�t have these big responsibilities to worry about you can focus more on your own interests and goals in life. Obviously a big issue for me is that up until this point I have pretty much had free reign to play video games when I want, within reason of course. I am married, after all, so I can�t just spend all day playing games like I used to when I was a kid, but I can still play for 30 minutes or so in the evenings and for much longer periods on the weekends. I know that this is all about to change. Considering that I am posting this on Destructoid then I hope that anybody reading this will be able to understand, but to your average non-gamer it might seem ridiculous that the prospect of not being able to play games could be such a big deal. It is, though. I�ve been gaming for almost 30 years now. It has had a huge influence on my life, and to know that this is all about to change in about 6 months time is kind of a big deal.

I can�t honestly say that I am prepared for it yet, but I will be by the time the baby arrives. I�m a pretty level-headed guy, and I know that in the larger scheme of things playing video games pales in comparison to the sheer awesomeness that being a daddy will bring to my life. I realise that it�s not like I�m never going to be able to play games again, I will simply have to adjust how and when I do play games. I�m so excited to meet this little person that my wife and I have created, and once they are a bit older I�ll be just as excited to introduce them to this hobby that has been such a big part of my life.

So, does anybody out there have gaming advice for a soon to be father?
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