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Bastion (PC) Review

Note: This review was original on The Red Sector and remains there with any graphics in place. You can find the original review here. Here’s a game that caused quite a stir as it was making it’s way to release. Between the way the map sort...


An Apology: Diablo 3 NOW is DRM

Note: The original article is on the Red Sector. You can view it here. Friends, and dear readers, I need to apologize to you. Many of you, Im sure, have looked at Diablo 3 and said it was utter garbage due to “DRM.” I have argued against y...


Alice: Madness Returns (PC) Review

Note: This is a copy of the article from the Red Sector. You can see the original here. I have a confession to make. Many years ago, I actually bought and played the original Alice game on PC… well, as far as I could. I was really skimping...


Platforms of a Platform: Redux

NOTE: The original of this article is on my own blog: The Red Sector. While this may be the first time you are seeing this type of article on the Red Sector, it is not the first time I have written about it. That was one of my earlier arti...


First Post.... and a little bit of history....

Hi everyone! Megabyte here, kinda new to the community, but far from new to blogging. If you've seen me on the forum, glad to meet you there, too! I still have to do some work on my bio (I just opened it literally 5 minutes ago) which I wil...


About Megabyteone of us since 10:29 PM on 06.16.2012

Primarily a PC gamer.... but I think Im done writing here. I liked the idea of putting my writing everywhere, but I also like the idea of a centralized place more. To this end, I have written my own blog, and will continue to keep it. Sorry if I offended anyone (ok, almost anyone) by reposting, but I've never had an issue with it before... so long as it was my site and not handing my stuff over to someone else. (Why no one will ever see a repost of anything I wrote for Brutal Gamer or FrontTowardsGamer. I gave it to them and it is theirs. It's not my right to put it wherever I like.)

That said, you can find me on PC, PS3, DS, or PSP if the games are online. You can find me here hanging in the chat room, you can find my blog here if you want to read my site (mainly for reviews, but lately I've had a few things to say about gaming news, too), and finally you can find the sites I used to write for here and here. (note, I did not always write under the name Megabyte, but if you are good, you might recognize my style on Brutal Gamer)

If anything new is here, it's due to news that is too big for me not to add.