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Was chating with @-Troid-, a nice chap, and decided to post some of my improvised solutions to the terrible "Adult hands Syndrome" that some of us have to deal with while playing portable devices, even with some controllers...


I can't follow anyone! First all the people I followed disappeared and now I can't add anyone... Oh, and can't upload pics here in the qpost also... OCCAMS, by the prickling of my thumb, I summon thee, let me stalk these beautiful people once more!




This post is to celebrate my fapping capacity increase thanks to our lewd gif master that just now followed me, Jiraya sama! YEAH, I'M SHOUTING OUT TO YOU, AS LOUD AS I CAN!


It's a lazy sunday ,alright...


I would rather get a sequel to Overkill... https://hod.sega.jp/


As per @Angie22 suggestion I got to dissect and hang in the wall more old consoles, or corpse consoles ,according to @Heat ... The accent color fits quite well for each console, eventually I may use a whole wall on the living room to accommodate them.


In times of intolerance here's an example of what can be accomplished by combining different cultures. Merry Xmas to all!


Been meaning to frame them for quite sometime now... Hope in 2018 we all get our selves rid of procrastination as much as possible!


#Riddletoid What am I playing? Came across with her and all I could think was PJ Harvey "Down by the water" lyrics 'I lost my heart, under the bridge...'


This video that I edited at the time I first played Rule of Rose is to celebrate @Jiraya 's new acquisitions to the PS2 collection! May your collection grow as you acquire lost gems like these!


Unpopular opinion Never liked Batman. (Still love you @ZombZ ) And don't get me started on Nintendo. Plz don't ban me.


#ThiccThursday Jiraya sama, plz, this is the only leg gap allowed on this sacred day. Thank you. And God bless.


#AmIMorphotoid? Never played KH cuz I'm allergic to all things Disney (except R34 princess porn) ,but if KH3 is anything like this... I wouldn't play it either. Love Dolan, though!


#HowIsYourBacklogtoid? Got back to Saw2flesh&blood. Finished the first couple years back, but still got see this one through... Love games inspired in other medias!


So, perhaps... Jed was the real MORPHO all along!?!


And that sums it up nicely why I'm not buying it yet...


Still #Caturday ! I decided to practice Wing Chun. Never got past the basics... My cat on the other hand mastered it!


#GameStationtoid Updated gaming station. Too bad I had to sell my TV to buy consoles... Just kiddind, the pole thing on the left is a HDMI projector. As most SEGA consoles are black there's a close up pic on the comments...


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Been playing videogames since ATARI,and still dream of a remake of KEYSTONE KAPERS.Got all recent platforms and enjoy PC gaming just as well.
Through generations : Atari - Eskimo(very complex at the time),Master System-Spellcaster(a mix of side scroll platforming/adventure with point and click investigation unique on a 8bit game),Genesis-Valis III(anime style narrative with the tragic heroine plot and the option to swap between 3 characters on the go),Saturn-RE(there was nothing like it at the time horror always fascinated me,it was lacking plotwise,but the survival aspect was really horrifying),PS1-SilentHill(what RE tried to do,but with real horror instead),Dreamcast-Draconus(huge sandbox stages,sarcastic dialogues,kick ass witch protagonist,realistic combat system,customizable upgrades),PS2-Rule of Rose(survival horror with anime approach,disturbing,provocative,tender),GameCube-Eternal Darkness (imaginative,unusual,ambitious),PS3/XB360-Skyrim elder scrolls V(the huge world and absolute sense of liberty,infinite sidequests,complex gameplay so detailed in each aspect),current gen-Revelations 2(a return to form and endless fun with Raid Mode).