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Ok, then, @Fuzunga . The real adventure begins only for those brave enough to sit on Garfield'S face!


Here's mine "Bring out the gimp." "The gimp is sleeping." "Well, I guess you'll just have to wake him up now, don't you?"


Does real life cats dream of video game sheep? Happy new year, everyone!


So, I finished the first episode of the Witcher... Got me craving for a Berserk series with same production value. I know it's not finished, and I don't care. Gonna replay the games to calm myself...


#Cursedmas can't post in the comments, so avert your eyes, those delicate of heart!


So, I'm playing Master Quest mode for the first time on the Switch. Link(le) gimme John Woo vibes with dual bow guns! But what a silly name, "Link" as a name has no gender!


I hope Natalie Portman is voicing Jill, or Capcom is gonna have its ass sued...


"Tell me why I don't like Mondays, tell me why I don't like Mondays..."


Had no idea there was a Space Balls cartoon! Gonna watch it right now.


So, I compulsively play Raid mode from REvelations 1&2, but I miss Rebecca and Sheva (Ada too), for my delight Mercenaries is ready to play on RE5! Unfortunately not on RE4... Gotta check RE6 yet, love Sherry, only good thing in the game!


Apparently I'm suffering from multiple personality disorder, according to my disqus avatars!


Cat girl Friday vintage edition!


I really miss Blood Rayne! ArcSys should partner with Platinum for a Reboot!


New place is shaping up slowly. The empty space above the consoles is cuz I had to sell my TV to try and purchase some Switch games...


I'll just leave this one here, to see if @JcDent can attest to its authenticity...


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Been playing videogames since ATARI,and still dream of a remake of KEYSTONE KAPERS.Got all recent platforms and enjoy PC gaming just as well.
Through generations : Atari - Eskimo(very complex at the time),Master System-Spellcaster(a mix of side scroll platforming/adventure with point and click investigation unique on a 8bit game),Genesis-Valis III(anime style narrative with the tragic heroine plot and the option to swap between 3 characters on the go),Saturn-RE(there was nothing like it at the time horror always fascinated me,it was lacking plotwise,but the survival aspect was really horrifying),PS1-SilentHill(what RE tried to do,but with real horror instead),Dreamcast-Draconus(huge sandbox stages,sarcastic dialogues,kick ass witch protagonist,realistic combat system,customizable upgrades),PS2-Rule of Rose(survival horror with anime approach,disturbing,provocative,tender),GameCube-Eternal Darkness (imaginative,unusual,ambitious),PS3/XB360-Skyrim elder scrolls V(the huge world and absolute sense of liberty,infinite sidequests,complex gameplay so detailed in each aspect),current gen-Revelations 2(a return to form and endless fun with Raid Mode).