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Discovering A Gem Of A Game

This is my entry for the Etrian Odyssey IV contest. It's a poem like thingy, and it was too long to post on the coments and on the video description... so yeah, sorry for posting it on the blog. So you can here me reciting it or just read it from here.

Thanks for take some of your time and watch/read this poem. I know it has some forced rhymes here and there, but i'm really proud of the end results.

Discovering A Gem Of A Game

Welcome all, and welcome you.

And a special shutout to the destructoid crew.

With this poem I’ll make you all see

How this Venezuelan kid fell in love with etrian odyssey

In my country, the DS/3DS catalog isn´t filled with great things.

It's mostly reduced to little kids games, licensed movies and pilot wings.

Games like megaman, and rpgs are a rare find.

That’s why when i found EOIII, I couldn’t leave it behind

That anime style cover was a breath of fresh air.

It shined between the Disney princesses and care bears.

"What can it be?" i asked myself,

The shop owner shrugged. I bought it anyway

I mean, what else can i say?

It's almost impossible to find a Shin Megami Tensei,

That's why importing is the only way,

Even though the current laws make it a total pain

I'll be honest,

I didn't like the game at first:

No main characters, simplistic story and battle system

I wasn't into it, my exitement was not going to burst

With this type of games,

I had bad experiences before.

I considered the difficulty unfair,

And item management a stupid chore

What the hell is number crunching?

What's that even for?

Hard dungeon crawlers aren't my kind of thing

1 hit KO's!?



That was it!

What the hell!

This game is not going to beat me!

Never! No way!

And thats an emotion I’ll never forget,

One of the best feeligs that i've ever met.

Giving up was no more an option!

To Conquer the Yggdrasil Labyrinth!

My quest is now in motion!

And so it began! Running through the wild!

The Razza guild! With a whooping population of only 5:

A hoptile a gladiator and A princess, at first row,

A monk and an arbalist with his trusty bow

We were making the map,

Between all the main action,

Exploring every single spot,

Marking every little interaction.

I loved that mechanic,

And didn't know why

I realized later,

It was 'cuz i had something i can call "mine"

And not only the map,

But the characters as well.

At first they were a bunch of no bodys,

But now i love every single one of them

Those faceless people

They didn't have their own story arc,

But little by little

My own story gave everyone a heart

Parce, the gladiator

With big morals and pride.

Gabriel, the hoptile,

For protecting the party

He will sacrifice his life.

Renzo, the arbalist,

With laughter he covered his sorrow.

Leah the princess,

Was ordering and demanding

Like there was no tomorrow

Lastly was Seria,

She was the monk

Healing was her game

And beating enemys with her club

At that very moment,

I realized again,

Thats why making your own story

Is a selling point of the game

From player to player,

Countless stories like the leaves of a tree.

It's like when we were little,

Leaving our imagination runing free

They were 6 stratums,

Each consisting of 5 floors.

Every one with a diferent biome

And a freaking awesome theme song

The First Stratum:

Waterfall Woods

The music was calmy,

It put me in a good mood

Those beautiful environments

Filled with pretty colors and tones,

That view was the opposite

Of was about to come

“Avoid FOEs at all cost”

The guard said.

I ignored him of course,

'Cuz great linxes and big birds weren’t a problem anyway

I felt strong!

I can kill them all!

... *sigh*

I’ve never been have so wrong

Seeing your team mates

Being guided to that horribe fate,

What a dreadfull game over...

But we fear no death!

We’re here to stay!

And no labyrinth would stand in our way!

Second Stratum,

With shrimps, starfish and more.

We learned that Olympia

Was a back stabing... no...

She did that for the prince of the deep city.

What happened between him and his sister was a pity,

And depending on the route you go,

The finale can be kind of shitty

The Third stratum are the Molten caves,

The floor in here is nowhere near safe,

And regardless of our current state,

The smell of burnt feet will never go away

Dragons and killer worms tasted our weapons.

Getting out of there was what i truly desire.

But wait... hang on a second...


New class! Hurray!

Shogun or Yggdroid, have it your way!

And With the sub-class system,

Almost any class combination is a-ok

I prefer the shogun/buccaneer

For attack and support.

Swashbuckling + second sword

Equals limit galore

Fourth Stratum:

Abyssal Shrine

Now it looks more like a labyrinth,

And a mammoth chase us at first sight

Mermaids and deep ones

Innuendos aside,

They’re a pain those dick bags,

Strength and magic that strike with might

Fifth Stratum: Porcelain Forest

Beautiful sceneries,

But the item consumption

Will make us the poorest

I remember how my heart melted away

When the theme of this floor came to play.

Calm and soothing with a pinch of sadness

Like it was mentally preparing us

For the future madness

Sixth Stratum: Cyclopean Haunt

The walls are alive!

Filled with tentacles and holes!

Disgusting and intimidating

I thought one of them was flaunting at us

We conquered them all!

Every single floor!

Every boss, every F.O.E!

They breathe no more!

No monster could stand the strike of swords.

One of my biggest gaming achievements.

Defeating the elder dragon, and the abyssal god.

Etrian Odyssey reintroduced me

A genre I didn’t care about.

Hard games are now amusing,

And i happily play then without a drop of self-doubt

So that's my story of how

A new love for hard games started to abound,

And I really wish to stay,

But I have to beat the other 3 games

So, for one reason or another

I really want to see that dialog with the "Lady Boner"

So with what i have left of modesty,

Let me finish by saying,

i desire to play the new Etrian Odyssey
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