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One Time I Was the Target of A.I. Terrorists

Listen, I don't know why they were after me, okay? I was just a young low-poly black man riding my bicycle around San Andreas, doing mad tricks and tricking mad do's. Does that last bit mean anything? Fuck you, that's who!  Sorry,...


Max Applesauce and the Breakfast: Part 3

Part 1 is here, and  Part 2 is here! Written by Richard “CobbleWireFingerHacksawBiscuitFetusPotatoDingoFruityBush” MacDonald Chapter 3: Chapter 12     Our titular hero and our heroical tits en...


Max Applesauce and the Breakfast: Part 2

If you don't read Part 1 first, you'll be confused! So read it, and be confused but in the correct way! Written by Richard "SegaDonkey" MacDonald Chapter 2: I’m Sick of Your Fucking Attitude Suddenly, the door sizzled and melted ...


Max Applesauce and the Breakfast: Part 1

Written by Richard "MegaSlonky" MacDonald Chapter 1: Bacon is Better Than You’ll Ever Be As Max Applesauce, our enigmatic hero who once punctured the lung of a man through just sheer force of will, rode into the dusty town on a d...


Max Applesauce and the Magical Tragical Unicorn

  As Max Applesauce sat at his desk with a crazed smile on his face like a man possessed, hungering for the taste of young, fresh virgin flesh and the acrid, coppery taste of blood, his new partner in his private detective agency,...


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