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You know what I miss?

I miss when Lucasarts ruled the PC game world. You'd see a new game come out ever couple of months, and they'd all be fantastic. Full Throttle, Dark Forces, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, all of those classic games of my childhood, with great game play, and great stories. I miss the days of old point and click adventure games, like the old Indiana Jones games. Took like a meg of memory to have on your computer, and you got hours upon hours of gaming out of them, partly because they were great, partly because they were hard as hell. Something recently has made me really nostalgic for them. Something about the quality of games has made me really want to play them.

And not just those old point and click games. Tie Fighter was such a solid flight sim game, and you can't find it at all. Or X-Wing. Great games with pretty damn good voice acting for the time, and awesome cutscenes.

Something about them has always stuck with me. Just the way they come together and played has always made me sad about games today. Not that todays games are bad, god no. I just feel that something has been lost in the proliferation of video games. Some magic and quality since they became big business.

Anyways, I'll get off my short soapbox now. I might do more of these some time. Stuff I miss, stuff I'm angry about, stuff like that. Lemme know if you like them.
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