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Professor Layton is my Tiny Master

The title says it all. Picking it up on a whim because every one apparently has been anticipating this game, I soon found hours of my life devoted to this puzzle loving man, who's accreditation I want to see. What kind of university gives degrees for puzzles? Where can I get one, since years of video gaming have warped my brain into something usable only in situations involving torches that need to be lit, jars that need to be broken, boxes moved, crests placed, and keys collected. I wouldn't mind having a ph.D in puzzles, what makes this man so special?

On the surface, and from what most people talk about, it seems like your standard puzzle game, which is what I thought it was gonna be when I bought it. I found out that it was anything of the sort. With a fairly deep story, Layton sucks you in to a world that seems strangely French, even though it supposedly takes place in England. It's the music that does it, with its great use of a droning accordion.

One of the points people make about the game is the town folk's obsession with puzzles. They really do have a fetish like need for puzzles, and what makes it this game great it actually explains it in the end. They give a reason for peoples' love of puzzles! Its' crazy!

My favorite part of the game, well, besides the puzzles, had to be the cut scenes and the voice acting. It was really unexpected, on a hand held(on the DS even), and was so fantastically done, that I was completely blown away. One unsettling thing though, was Layton's calling out to his assistant Luke. Unsettling because it always sounded like he was calling to me, seeing as I'm a Luke. It just got unnerving after the forth or fifth time.

All and all, I cannot say enough good things about this game. Pick it up if you have a DS. Now.

Also, anyone cracked the secret door code that gets revealed in the next game?
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