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Perfect Party?

Okay, so this something my friends and I were kicking around the other day, and I thought was fitting for Dtoid. Granted, someone probably has already talked about this, but I think I'll ask anyways: If you could pick any 9 people, from fiction or non-fiction, for the ultimate JRPG, who would they be?

I'll set a few stipulations:
1. Only "good" characters, in the sense that you're playing a protagonist party.
2. You're playing a video game, so you're not in the party.
3. Nine characters that rotate out. You might only have 3 out at a time, but this is the group that saves the world.

My Party:

Teddy Roosevelt

It's Teddy Roosevelt people. The man got shot and went on to give a speech, with the bullet still in him, while bleeding. Basically, a tank up front.
(Also, when he died, the VP of the USA said "Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping, for if he'd been awake, there would have been a fight")

Daniel Jackson

By the end of SG-1, he had more field combat experience than most any one, had the most finely tuned analytical mind ever, looked at a woman and they were seduced(even though he never made anything of it), and was smart in the way male characters rarely are: not math or science. Your all around character, possibly a primary protaganist.

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls airdrops into situations on his show Man vs. Wild. Now I know people say Les Shroud is better because he's alone, but Les is a tool who was a music exec who got bored. Bear is a former SAS opperative who fell from a plane, broke his back, then went on to climb Everest. He's my ranger.

Benjamin Sisko

Apart from being one of the best Starfleet captains, the man was a religious figure, knew ancient techniques(baseball), and was pretty much an all around badass, but still was a nice guy, he was also damn good in a fight(He knocked Q on his ass, Picard never did that) The Paladin of my party.

The Tenth Doctor

Well, he is The Doctor, so that should say something. I could have chosen any of them, but I picked the Tenth for a few reasons. One, he admits he's a geek, and likes it. The man thinks with portals 24/7. Plus, he's a nice guy, and pretty much everyone else on this group is a hardass. Definetly my Caster/magic/buffs.

Kit Fisto

Okay, so you're probibly all wondering why I didn't pick Mace Windu, Kyle Katarn, or Yoda if I was gonna pick a Jedi. Okay, So those are all great choices, but they're all party killers. They don't work that well in a party situation. Fisto's Form 1 lightsaber technique is perfect for area affect attacks, and he can breath under water. He's a front liner, possibly a paladin.

Steven Colbert as Steven Colbert

Okay, This is Steven Colbert the character, not the actual person. Now that we've gotten that cleared up, SC as SC is pretty much the bard of the party. Inspire troops, force people into logical fallacies, the man has done it all. Almost purely support, particularly when he taps into his well of patriotism.

Giuseppe Mario

Now, first of, I refuse to call him Mario Mario. I'm of the belief that it Mario is his last name, but he has something glorious and Italian as his first. So I'm going with Giuseppe. So, Giuseppe is pretty much an out and out superhero in the series, and by SMG, has gained true superpowers, like sustained, effortless flight. Plus, he's pretty another one of the good guys, who uses his powers to help. Now, I'll admit, I've been partly swayed by certain articles written(here and here), but I do stand by my man Giuseppe as being one of the good guys. Anyways, he's your all around character, with some ranged attacks, decent melee, and decent hp. Switches between front line combat and ranged/magic.


Honestly, if you need me to explain why I'd have Batman in my party, I don't know if I want you reading this, or participating in my thought experiment.

Okay, so that's who I'd have with me. I hope this sparks some discussion amongst people, and I hope people post their own parties.

-Mecha Jesus
Your Cybernetic Saviour
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