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PRINTOID - Semi-Final Image Needs Your Input!

New to Printoid?

Hey all!� So in the time since my last post, I worked on the image more and came up with something completely different.

I'm leaning toward this image more because it alludes more to the community spirit of Destructoid, of NARPs and con parties in general.�� A part of Destructoid I've grown rather found of in the past few years.� More so than a silly meme (that I am admittedly fond of).� Diasgree?� TELL ME.� Think it's better?� TELL ME.

So in addition to sharing this drawing, I again wanted to plead for your input!� Since this harkens to the storied history of Dtoid NARPs, I wanted to put out a call for little things to include.� It's easy enough to put in empty beer bottles, pizza boxes and sleeping bodies everywhere.� Have any references to favorite NARPs or hotel parties?� Inside jokes?� Dump party things like beer can pyramids? I'd like to hear them!� Though keep in mind that the printing process that I'm using keeps me from doing super fine detail, but I'll do what I can.� But still I'd love to hear what you have, if only to hear more crazy NARP stories.� Thanks!
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