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True Nature: Olimar The Terrible

Stories are often found in great numbers among a civilization. Tales of the beginning of life, of triumph, of prosperity, of surmounting anything that stands in ones path no matter the obstacle. Stories such as these can be found where ev...


Forgive Me Father: Fratricide

Like many long time gamers, I have a long list of wonderful memories that stem from the wide world of gaming. I could drown in the amount of warm, loving times spent sitting in front of a screen lost in a virtual world. However, embedde...


About MeanderBotone of us since 8:05 PM on 04.08.2010

Hi there! I'm MeanderBot. I enjoy video games. My video game playing history begins like many others: I was lucky enough to have an early computer to play games on, someone across the street got an NES, then I stumbled across a used stack of Nintendo Power at a swap meet, and soon enough I was spending more time with a controller in my hand then lying in my bed.

Aside from that, I am a visual artist mildly amused by the idea of being successful. I consider myself to be the visual art equivalent of a bard. Won't you tell me your tales of whimsy so I may illustrate and add them to the annals of time?

I wrote that many years ago. I remember when I was optimistic.
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