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Announcing PRINTOID - A Community Art Project For Charity

Hey gang!

If you've been following my very silly, very sporadic exploits in the Cblogs you have probably gathered that I have a bit of an art persuasion.� Indeed, I have spent the last twenty years making stupid drawings, and the last several years in art school.� Studying printmaking, as a matter of fact.� Which brings me to the point of this special blog.

For the past several months, I've been toying with the idea of making a small edition of prints sporting Mr Destructoid, selling them and donating the proceeds to charity, similar to Plushtoid from a few years ago.� After learning about a printing process I felt comfortable with, and a little encouragement from a few friends I finally emailed Niero with the idea, and he loved it!� Except instead of being a project that I would finish at a more leisurely pace, he asked if I could finish it in a few months for an upcoming charity event.� Crap.� Well, what's a little more stress?

The Image

I have a sketch of a design that I like, but if you've got a better idea, or something to contribute to my sketch, leave a comment!� If I like it, or enough other people like it, I'll use it.�

So my first (and only) idea involves Mr Destructoid and, of course, corgis.� But not just any corgis.� A CORGI ARMY!

And while I liked this image, and a few others did as well, while I was inking this up I thought of a better composition.

Comments?� Ideas?� Suggestions?� Leave a comment!

The Print

The print will be made with a multiple block linocut relief print.� Multiple blocks will allow me to do multiple colors, but for simplicities sake, I'm going to stick to two at most (plus the color of the paper, probably white).� Here's a picture of a relief print I made earlier this year (click for a high resolution picture):


Except it won't be that big, and hopefully not that detailed (that took FOREVER).� Right now I'm thinking something around an 8x10 images (10x12 with borders), but we'll see how things turn out.

The Charity

So, being the myopic gamer that I am, I was going to suggest Child's Play, or Extra Life.� But I asked Niero for suggestions, and he indeed had a good one.� So I'll leave it for him to announce when the time comes.

So I think that about covers it!� I will be reporting in every now and then with news and progress updates.� Is this a thing you'd want?� Do you have a better idea?� Or maybe how my idea could be made better?� Please let me know.� Some kind words, or even constructive criticism, helps keep me in check and reassure me that I'm not running around chasing my tail and talking to myself.
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