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An Unofficial Destructoid Christmas Card


I seem to be fond of starting projects for you guys. Probably because it’s the best/only audience I have at the moment to shower with unsolicited art. And occasionally someone enjoys it. I like it when that happens. Anyways, here’s the latest incarnation of “Please god, someone pay attention to me”: A 2015 Unofficial Destructoid Christmas Card.

Want one? Read on.


I’ve been going back and forth on this one. The printing service I found would bring each card to about $2 including postage (or $3 outside the US), which I thought is a fair price to ask. But considering the closest thing to official permission I’ve received for this is a lack of a C&D letter, I figure I could just swallow the cost to a point. I think I could swing about 30 cards. I would be surprised if it got more than that, considering my previous projects, but it’s best to be optimistic, I suppose. Which brings me to my next point…

Supplies Are Limited (Maybe)

Again, I have doubts demand will exceed expectations, but I have to throw this out there: Supplies are limited, so first come first serve. If this paragraph, isn’t striked out with an edit, there are some left. What’s that? The maybe bit? I had considered asking for donations to make more, but we’ll cross that bridge when I have more than 30 sign ups. If it proves that popular, I’ll consider it.

This Is a Limited Time Offer

I need to plan ahead for the card printing and still have time to mail them out, so I think the latest I can place an order, still have time for mailing (and maybe some doodling) and account for general procrastinating is November 30. You have until then to tell me you want one. How do you tell me you want one?

DM Me Your Deets

Send me a DM saying you want one, or leave a comment, so you don’t unnecessarily give me your address if the initial limit is reached. From there we can figure out a way to get your address to me.

Alternatively, you can fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/hSmJ1U0JSC

Don’t Want to Deal With Me?

Like getting things done yourself? That’s cool, I can respect that. Here's a link to a full res image.

Custom Request?

If you ask nicely, and it’s simple, and I have time, I can throw in a little doodle if you’d like. No promises.

So that’s it, I think.

Hopefully this works out the way I want it to. I’d love for this to be an annual thing.

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