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Bionic Commando: Hands On

Note: If you think this looks tl:dr jump to the bottom for my conclusion and final thoughts. Once again Capcom have been foolish enough to intentionally invite the chaos that is the Destructoid UK crew into their pretty Hammersmith offices...


PAX: The Innernets Were There

I <3 you all. [Pic stolen from Tactix - Thanks!] As you may have guessed from all the other CBlogs PAX was aaaaaawwwwweesome but surprisingly that’s not what I expected at all. On the days leading up to PAX I cannot describe how ner...


Force Choke +5 of Cuteness

Since the start of the year Iíve become gradually more interested in collectable figures, I may not go out and buy anything that breaks the bank (Iím looking at you Lara Croft) but I do have a Ďproblemí with impulse buying and the latest ad...


Top 10 Worst Things About Gaming

Gaming; itís the greatest past time in the world, for some of us, the lucky ones, it even pays the bills. We all love gaming, I know you do because if you didnít then you wouldnít be here reading this but for all that there is to love the...


Vegas 2 Competition extended!

Want to play Vegas 2 while wearing a Vegas 2 T-Shirt and decorating your 360 with a Vegas 2 faceplate? You do? Well then you had better enter into my awesome, yet pathetically easy, Vegas 2 competition! Read what you have to do to win h...


Win Vegas 2 and Other Swag!

Iíve been at work all day and want to go to sleep so Iíll keep this short and sweet. Want some free Vegas swag? Want to win a copy of the game? The swag: Itís quite simple; to win the stuffs all you have to do is make me laugh with an a...


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