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Machinima VS Destructoid

So I made this after reading a tweet from Hamza over at Destructoid. The tweet can be found here: https://twitter.com/CTZ/status/242429772595081216 It's meant as a joke, nothing more. I bear no ill will towards Machinima in any way! But if...


Mr. Destructoid 3D Head model!

So I've been working on an animation for Destructoid for a little while now. In it I modeled Mr. Destructoid's head in 3D. All I had to go off of was some pictures of the actual helmet, and some feedback from various DToid staff. Well they...


Talking to Women about Adventure Time!

Well I've never posted anything here before, so I thought I'd share this here with everyone since it's related to one of Destructoid's Editors, Jonathan Holmes. We all know that he's a fan of the show, Adventure Time. I personally have nev...


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