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About McDoug8one of us since 11:09 PM on 02.27.2011

I guess I should actually make one of these "bio" thingies, huh...

I am McDoug8! Which is my go-to username for pretty much any site I go to that requires a username, yes is non-formal.

"Creeped" on Destructoid for a few months before finally biting the bullet and making an account.

Brief run down GO
I work at Gamestop, and have for several months now.
Started as a holiday temp, and got hired on.

I'm an avid football fan, of which I am a die hard fan of The New England Patriots, and have a football signed by Tom Brady :)
I am a Bruins fan in Hockey, and a New England Revolution fan in US Soccer, but root for the Netherlands outside of the US soccer events, I.e EUFA and the World Cup. (GO Oranje!)
Don't really care for baseball, but I casually follow the Boston Red Sox

Started gaming at a young age with the N64, then got a PS1 and have been a Sony man since.
But now own a Wii, a 3DS, and a 360

And yeah, that's about it.